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3 Years on Maintenance... and I forgot!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yup...I completely forgot and here I come on Spark to log-in, get some points, check in... and I have an email and goodie and a few page comments (which I will get to return visits in a wee bit to say thanks to) ... and I see that I was lovingly reminded of the fact that I hit 137 on 11/18/2009....and I am glad to say that I have only seen that number once while on maintenance since I am maintaining in the 130-135 range.

But even so, the 137 was a HUGE thing because that was 50 pounds gone.

50 pounds.


Really??? I did that? and I am keeping it off? Yes, I guess I am...and it's a habit to keep my head in the game now because it HAS been so long...who knew.

People from my past always say that it's nice to see and are somewhat surprised that I have kept it off, and sometimes, I am surprised myself....especially when I am down on myself....and clothes are a little tight and I have had a bad eating & low exercise day/week/month that I am not really 157, 167, 177 or 187 because sometimes, it feels like that. (LoL - yes Virginia, there is such a thing as bad days on maintenance).

Anyway...the big secret of this (get ready to hold on to your hats folks!) well, it is to track my food, drink my water, keep my body moving... and never give up on the bigger picture of things... and when I see that upper number on the range, reign in the bad habits and bump up the good habits... and forgive myself when I slip up.

Are there bad times and slip ups? yup, more emotional than calendar influenced (holidays are manageable now). Exercise helps out with those emotional bad times most of the time and talking helps with the rest...talking/blogging ...same difference. emoticon

Things that also Maintenance Buddy OAKBORN and I are in touch every day either here or on FB (ahem, more on FB really - LOL) and she really is awesome and you should check out her page. I know she is a ready ear to listen to anything at all... and that is a big help. One day, we will meet face to face, but in the meantime...we have the internet and that is cool and good enough for now.

And the other thing that really really Sparkpeople... the site, the tools, the community, and the articles. If this wasn't here, I don't know if I would have ever achieved any of this. Why do I know that? Because I tried everything out there over the years (i.e. Slim fast, Weight Watchers, eDiets, and yes, even the drug phen-phen for a few months) and nothing seemed to stick. Spark taught me to re-learn how I ate...and that knowledge is my power now.

OK - Didn't mean to go on a side bar there...I think I wrote about it a while back in my journal and it just popped out again now! LoL But it's true.

Thanks, Sparkers, for being there (and also for reminding me that it has actually been 3 years on Maintenance on Spark!)

Love and Sparks,
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