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A Baby Story !

Sunday, November 18, 2012

9:39 AM 11/18/2012
Good Morning ..
Wow its Sunday so many things happening .. Israel is at War .. My Oldest Granddaughter got married yesterday ... Today is my Grandson Tyler's Birthday .. I was watching
Baby Story's yesterday .. And I thought of when I had my Children .. So many years ago .. But it is a Miracle when you have them and you see that Baby .. Then I think
of all the Baby's that people abort and it makes me want to cry .. I love my Children .. you know your Children may not be who you think they should be or do what
you would love to see them do but I can tell you that you never quit loving them ever .. No matter what .. I can only imagine what God feels as he looks down ..
I want him to say to me one day soon .. Daughter Im proud of you .. I have done so many things in my life of 54 years a lot im not proud of .. But I can honestly say
that since I was very young I knew God had a plan for me .. I ran for many years .. Then he got my attention and I have served him I wont say always as I have
backslide several times .. people have asked me can you loose your salvation .. That is a hard one so many Scriptures say yes and some say no .. This is how I see it Gods
word says HeBrews13: 5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
So God will never leave you but can you leave him .. Good question .. I know you can backslide .. but as for leaving him I do feel you can .. I have heard of people who
blasphemed God after they had lived for him .. So I feel its possible .. But he wont leave you .. He loves you .. But he gave us free Will to do as we choose ..
I choose Jesus .. I have been praying hard for Israel .. I just feel we are so close to leaving that is the Born again Christians .. Please be ready .. I feel in my
Spirit we are close and so many feel the same .. If you are back slid please repent .. God loves you he does not want any to parish .. He did not make hell for us ..
he made it for Satan and his minions .. I pray daily for God to draw the lost .. Well rejoice and look up Jesus will be here soon and the party will start .. I love all of
you guys .. I pray for you daily please pray for me and mine .. don't forget the ones who are lost . and Israel .. and the ones who have had destruction .. be a Blessing to someone
you are blessed .. love you Betty
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