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My worst obstacle...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

How true is this??

For me, my worst obstacle is me. I can talk myself into, and out of, healthy food choices, exercising and just that I'm worth it. It's is amazing how hard it is to undo negative self-talk. After years of doubting myself and thinking "I can't", it is a constant effort to believe I can.

It takes Sparking and tracking to see the facts. I have lost weight. I have increased my walking speed. I am moving more. I am eating better. I am drinking my water. I am worth it. I can do it.

Over the past few weeks I found myself letting the negative voices take precedence over the facts. I let that doubting voice tell me that I should be doing better. That I'll never get there. That I don't have time. That I'm okay the way I am.

Today I feel empowered by the knowledge that I can change this inner voice. It very well may be the hardest thing I ever do. But I know that the work is worth it. That I am worth it. That my boys are worth it.

Life can be tough enough without getting into my own way. The one thing I do have control over is me. I need to not forget this simple but powerful fact.

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    Hello my gorgeous friend!!!!

    That's the hardest part for me, the negative self talk. It takes a lot to overcome it, but YOU CAN DO IT!

    Check your spark mail,

    Love ya!
    1996 days ago
    Those same voices keep whispering in my ear, too. But, we do have the power to change how much we choose to listen to them. Thanks for the motivation to tell those voices to take a flying leap when I hear them again (which will probably be, oh, tomorrow). emoticon
    2000 days ago
    It is hard to quiet the negative self talk. I struggle with this as well. But you are right... you are worth it.

    emoticon that negative talk out the door!
    2000 days ago
    2006 days ago
    You ARE worth it, and have the results to show it! Keep it up, girl, you are doing GREAT!!
    2007 days ago
    We are so alike Spark friend talked my self out going to the gym on Saturday my reason was they say we need a rest Day Sunday was Sunday a day of rest and this week getting ready for turkey day today i blamed the weather. the list could go on but ... found this saying

    It's ok to take a break from working out. The key is to never let more than one-day pass without exercising. One day is a break, two days is the start of a downhill slide.
    The only difference between try and triumph is a little umph

    lets hope it helps keep us upright on our journey. hope you and the boys have a great Thanksgiving

    2008 days ago
    My favorite of all the inspiring quotes is this one:

    Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right" Henry Ford

    So - isn't it cool that you are ALWAYS right?

    all you have to do is choose what you want to be right about.

    and if in doubt - if you wonder, maybe, if you're worth it ... ask your boys.
    2008 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    AWESOME BLOG!!! You are more than Worth it. Keep your Goals in front of You at all times. Like on the Refrigerator, the Bathroom Mirror, the computer, desk at work etc. That will helpYou. The Picture of the Boys. You are so Worth It. You Can Do It. Keep Pushing. We are here to Cheer You On. God Bless You and the Boys. Have a Wonderful Week. Have a Good Monday. Take. You Are Worth It.Hugs.
    2009 days ago
    true words. You are more than worth it. And you definitely will do it :)

    Hope all is well on your end,
    2009 days ago
    emoticon This is so true!! I know I'm guilty of the same thing.

    2009 days ago
  • TENAJ79
    Thank you for blogging about this! It is a helpful reminder that we are all worthy of health and happiness. We are worth fighting for!!!
    2009 days ago
    Boy you took the words right out of my mouth!!! But we ARE worth it!!!
    2009 days ago
    You said it sister! You are SO worth it, and you ARE going to make it = )
    2009 days ago
    You are so worth it!
    2009 days ago
    excellent blog post! i struggle with this very same thing on so many areas of my life. keep it up!
    2009 days ago
    This is so true! I try so hard to remember not to get in the way of myself. Life is hard enough without me making it even harder. It's such a challenge to change how we think, though, and all we can do is keep trying.

    2009 days ago
  • ADELE66
    Maybe you need to concentrate on finding the root of the negative voices. And it's rarely about food ....

    Try not to get into an internal war. It will just leave you feeling miserable. Give yourself a bit of love, listen to what the negative voice is saying, and give yourself something positive back.

    Good luck to you!
    2009 days ago
    Keep up the positive affirmations! You are wonderful and deserving.
    2009 days ago
    I so understand that inner voice! I fight her everyday. She is my evil twin! When she starts to take over I remind myself, of all the things out of my control, and that this is one of the things I can control.
    You've got this I know you can do it ! I Believe in you!

    2009 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    Yeah, and never forget that these healthy choices you make are not a chore -- they are the steps that will take you to a blessedly healthful lifestyle. They're a GOOD thing:)
    Have a great weekend,
    2009 days ago
    Yay for fighting inner voices! We can do it and slowly but surely we will get there : )
    2009 days ago
    We definitely DO have the power to dismiss thos negative voices. It takes practice, but it's so worth the effort to learn to say buh bye to Negative Nellie when she rears her childish voice!

    HUGS Great blog.
    2009 days ago
  • MDKM80
    Sometimes it's not about the weight, or pounds that we lose but the small non scale victories that add up and make a difference. You are doing fantastic. Tell that voice to go back into it's corner and lock the door on it. I too get beaten down with the small voice telling me I'm better the way I am, but if that were true we wouldn't see a need to change anything about ourselves. Good for you to recognize the problem and try to fix it, that is one of the biggest non scale victories I know. Keep pushing and with help and motivation you can do it, we can do it!!!
    2009 days ago
    I am so with you! My negative inner voice is far too loud lately and my positivity (that is probably not a real word) is nearly silent. I need to change that.

    Keep working it, we WILL get there!
    2009 days ago
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