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My Vampire Day

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I know, funny title for the blog :) I called it that cause hubby and I slept LATE today; we didn't get moving till nearly 4pm today. Oh, we got up, ate, ect, but kept going back to bed. It was just one of those days. :) Around 4 we got up, got moving, had one more snack, and headed out to Target to buy our baby book, and drool over the baby goodies we'd need to get.
Now to get there, we take 2 busses, or 1 bus and walk about a quarter mile. I elected to have us save the money, and walk. We got some good exercise in, at a nice brisk pace, and the walked around the store for about 2 hours.
We ended up having Subway for dinner, since we were out later than we planned, and baby decided he needed to eat NOW! (I hate how much trouble I have telling when I'm hungry now!) and headed home, again, walking and forgoing the bus ride.
I did some yoga tonight too. So that felt good. I've been a bit low on the activity side lately, probably cause I've been feeling a little tired lately. (This might also be from a LACK of exercise; we'll see how I feel tomorrow on that count)
I might try to do a dance DVD tomorrow since Thursday is Thanksgiving, which of course means, no class.
I got hungry again about 12 (staying up late since I slept so much today) and I was craving my clam chowder. I was going to forgo it as it's so heavy for such a late meal, but then I saw my very - and I do mean VERY - low potassium count for the day. So the chowder it is.

I'll just have less calories to play with when I wake up. That's okay; I'll manage. At this point, I'm trying to remember that listening to myself and baby is more important than a calorie count; especially since I have days that I can't force myself to eat enough at all. I'm still loosing weight, in inadvertently.

(And don't look now, but I'm actually seeing hubby do a little of the yoga I do!!! Oh my goodness! )

And I must not have drunk enough today, cause I have been SERIOUSLY wanting water. I'll probably be up all night going to the washroom; I'm on glass # 3 in the last 2 hours! I forget how many I've had before that; not many I don't think.

Ok, I'm gonna finish up here, let my tummy settle a bit, and head to bed. Night all!
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