Body Attack Craziness

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Well, today was my first day back to the gym after being at my friend's house. I was planning on just doing 60 minutes of Zumba and then maybe going for another hour or half an hour walk with the BBD (bad black dog). Well, my plans changed. And BOY did they change. Chellie my favorite Zumba teacher teaches today. She is getting her evaluations from the gym. She needed people to stay to be in a video for her video evals. Now 3 months ago, this would be a no go. Well darn 3 months ago I wouldn't have been anywhere NEAR a gym. She mentioned that on Thursday it is going to be TURKEY day and we will be eating lots of extra calories and this will be a great way to BURN a bunch of calories (1500 she said it might be). FIFTEEN HUNDRED calories I thought to myself. How in the holy heck can one burn THAT many calories. So, *gasP* I decided to stay. Two hours of exercise right in a row.

I had never taken a Les Mills "BODY ATTACK" class. My BODY has been ATTACKED. I had to do some of the modifications, but I stayed the whole video taping. I was a sweating, sore, mess. It was AWESOME! :)

It is just amazing how much I have changed. I went from saying exercise ..."EWW" to Exercise bring on that biznatch. I will WORK it baby! :)

Les Mills Body Pump still scares me though. The thought of lunging with a big weight on my shoulders makes me think of serious injury. I
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