Getting There.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I guess as anyone that diets or works out can conclude it really isn't the physical aspect of losing weight that is hard to do-it's the mental block that you have to overcome in order to allow yourself to progress instead of regression (skipping workouts, endulging in food and then feeling guilty afterwards). I have been really good at getting started and being motivated for like a week and then I somehow screw it all up. I realized today that my bigger problem was not that I don't want myself to succeed (which I totally do) but rather that I worry so much about everyone else that there is never anything left over for myself. I do things that put myself in bad situations financially or diet wise because I want to make everyone else happy. A recent example (I live with my family still while I am in grad school) and my brother and his girlfriend do too. His gf doesn't have a job and I really wanted to go somewhere for his birthday so he chose Denny's (sooo bad for you) and instead of just paying for him I have to pay for her too. That really adds up in calories and money spent. I realized today that I really need to start allowing myself and being ok with myself as the first priority. If I am not going to take care of myself who is? That's how I have been thinking about it. My plan is to start small-taking giant leaps have never ever worked (for some people maybe but I know not for myself). I want to start running again and actually succeeding with it-I loved the feeling I would get when I was all sweaty and done with my workout and still had energy leftover to do some other stuff. So here it is my goal for this week is to figure out what exactly I want, Weigh in, run 2 miles three times this week, do cardio atleast two times this week and start lifting..As for food wise-no more damn restaurants, lots of veggies and fruit and water ..Sorry this post is boring I just feel super relieved :)
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