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Sartorial confusion

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I need to get a couple of things straight. One, I did not buy any new clothes today. Two, I did not give any to a charity shop.

Right. What did happen, first (and you'll have to excuse me, I am still reeling from the experience) is that I took my three winter coats to the dry cleaners:

- The thick black wool one, two winters old, a small fit so it is only two sizes too big at the moment ie fits well enough, though it should be three sizes too big.

- The lime green one, same vintage, chewed by moths in one place but ok to wear, loose fit so although it is a size smaller than the above black one the fit of it is more or less the same.

- The vintage fine black wool one, vintage because I bought it in 1986 and love it so much I have never been able to bring myself to get rid of it, one moth hole (that I noticed and it's a recent addition, the moths got it but I got the moths so fingers crossed that's it) and size 16 so still too small but I have Hopes of it.

Three coats, shoved into black bin liner, lugged to the dry cleaners. Will be ready on Tuesday, cost of cleaning the three (£23.25).

What do you mean you didn't hear that?


It's scandalous. I rarely get anything cleaned and this reminded me why.

I staggered back home and had a lie-down and a cup of tea.

Once I'd recovered enough, I shoved a couple more garments in a plaggy bag for the recycling bin. I also - now that I can see what's on there because my coats are all at the cleaners - had a look at the bags hanging from the coat rack in the hall. There were two with stuff in there for the charity shop/recycling bin. Here's where it gets complicated.

One of the bags contained a pair of black needlecord trousers in a size 22 that I decided to get rid of more than six months ago and forgot about. I was getting rid of them because they were too tight and I thought I would never get into them again.

I have just tried them on and they are now too loose.


So tomorrow they are going to the recycling bin, but for the opposite reason from the original reason.

As I said, it's been a confusing sort of day.

I measured my waist this morning and I seem to have lost another three centimetres from it. Either that or the technicalities of a tape measure are beyond me. This is quite possible.

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