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"I'm Ready for My Close-Up Mr. DeMille!"

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Didn't Gloria Swanson say that in Sunset Boulevard? I don't know, I never saw that movie. And I'm not ready for a close-up either. I have decided I look a lot better from a distance. That's what 61 years will do to you. There is no denying it, I look OLD! But it could be worse--I could look old AND fat.

I've been whitening my teeth morning and night, got my nails done yesterday, and just had my hair colored about 3 weeks ago, so hopefully no roots are showing yet. And this morning the scale read 149.4 lbs.--so I made it! I am at or below that 150 lbs. I put down that I weighed on the questionnaire for the Today Show! WOOHOO! Hopefully I can continue this downward trend. Mid 140's would be so nice. But spending five days in New York City could be trouble. I'm going with a plan. That plan is to WATCH IT VERY CAREFULLY! I think if you tell yourself that it will be okay to be looser with your eating for a few days while you're vacationing, it just gives you free rein to gorge! I'm NOT going to do that!

Yesterday was busy with the nail appointment, meeting hubby for lunch (a grilled chicken salad), then doing some last-minute shopping. I found some jeggings (jean leggings) at Dress Barn a couple months ago and fell in love with them. They're like real jeans, in that they have back pockets (the front pockets are sewn shut--I guess so they lay better), and they zip and button and I love them. I love them so much that I've been wearing nothing else. I started out with a dark denim color, then went back and got a black pair. I planned on wearing the black ones on the Today Show. They're so form fitting and I think they make me look thinner. At least I hope they do. But I've worn and washed them so much, I was afraid they were looking pretty faded. so off to Dress Barn I went yesterday and tried to get another pair. They only had one pair left, it was an 8. I've been buying a size 10. They're tight, but plenty big since they stretch. I wear an 8 in slacks, but usually buy a 10 in jeans. I decided to try the size 8 jeggings and they're super tight but they fit! So I bought them! At least they're nice and black.

When I got home the reporter from our local paper who is doing a story on me for tomorrow's paper called and we did the interview. I told her the story of the size 8 jeggings. Today she called back to check some facts and told me the story kind of focused on those size 8 jeggings. The photographer is coming out today to take my picture, so I'll probably wear the new size 8's!

So amidst all the excitement of flying to NYC to be on the Today show, is this article that's going to be in the newspaper tomorrow. Hopefully I will get to read it before I leave town. We are flying out of Omaha at 6 a.m., so will need to leave our home near Lincoln by around 3:30 a.m. YIKES! That means I better be basically done packing before I go to sleep tonight, for what will be a very short night. I will probably be too excited to sleep anyway.

Then son called and asked if my two grandchildren could come out while he & his wife go to the Husker football game this afternoon. Sure. Why not? Since the photographer is coming out after the kids get here, maybe they can be in some of the pictures. Hopefully my son & his wife will come out to pick the kids up right after the game, sometimes they like to party some after a victory. Usually I just keep the kids over night, which I love. But not tonight. Today, I'm going to have to tell my kids, that I have so much to do, and need to go to bed early, that they will need to get out here and pick the kids up before it's too late.

This is probably my last blog before I get back from my Today Show appearance. But I will have lots to talk about then, and hopefully lots of pictures to share. My stomach is churning. Wish me luck! As I've been telling people: "I'll see you on the Today Show!"

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