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Weekly Goal Tracking (Week 7 of 12)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

[x] Walk #1 (1.5 miles and stretch) - Monday
[x] Walk #2 (1.5 miles and stretch) - Tuesday
[x] Walk #3 (1.5 miles and stretch) - Friday
[x] Run/Walk (1 mile speed intervals and stretch) - Saturday
[x] Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred - Monday
[x] Yoga - Monday
[x] Clean the living room / stairs - Saturday
[x] Water Change for Fish Tank -Tuesday
[x] Stay in Calorie & Protein Ranges Day #1 - Monday
[x] Stay in Calorie & Protein Ranges Day #2 - Tuesday
[x] Stay in Calorie & Protein Ranges Day #3 - Wednesday
[x] Stay in Calorie & Protein Ranges Day #4 - Friday
[x] Stay in Calorie & Protein Ranges Day #5 - Saturday
[_] Stay in Calorie & Protein Ranges Day #6
Bedtime Routine Streak: 1 days
24+ glasses of water Streak: 1 days
10 min fasted morning cardio Streak: 1 days
No-delivery No-restaurant No-drive thru Streak: 1 days

Week 7 lbs lost (Nov 18 - Nov 24): 0.8 lbs
Total lbs lost (Oct 8 - Dec 31): 7.2 lbs

Weekly Preview:
I will not let Thanksgiving ruin me. I'm banking 2600 calories for that day just to be safe, and I will stay in range and have a loss this week.

I started a little accountability system with a Sparkfriend of mine, using a spreadsheet to estimate our weekly deficits and track our calories in/out and workouts, water, etc. It is really fun! I am excited to see what both of us can achieve between now and Dec 31st~

I am having some hip pain, especially on my right side. I think it's my piriformis. This week I will be focusing on stretches and yoga to help relieve tension there.

Piriformis muscle

Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

Half Spinal Twist

Pigeon Pose

Weekly Review:
Each day this week, I've started my day off with at least 10 min of fasted, moderate-intensity cardio, followed (an hour later) by a healthy breakfast and a cup of Matcha green tea.

Matcha gives me a gentle caffeine boost (70mg/cup). It's full of antioxidants, and it makes me feel quiet, serene, and rejuvenated. Often, I will take a few minutes to meditate or do yoga, which really helps me feel centered and stress-free, allowing me to focus on my daily goals. Coffee works, too, but matcha is a nice change of pace.

Water -- I started out with a goal of 16+ glasses per day... and as I drank more, I found myself wanting to keep drinking more and more. Eventually I was aiming for 20+ glasses, and now I am aiming for 24+ glasses. The more I drink, the better I feel, and my body has dropped the extra water weight it was carrying around because it knows I will provide it. I guess being over 6' tall and weighing this much, I just need more water than most people, and that's ok! It also helps me eat less :)

Thanksgiving sucked :( I ate / drank too many calories.. but that's ok. I am getting back on track. I want to lose 10 more lb before the new year!
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