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Crazy Day!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today, I had to go to Court to fight a citation that I got in September. I had stopped to parallel park - Now, mind you, I learned to drive in the Washington, DC area. You not only have to parallel park to pass your test, your wheels cannot be more than 12" from the curb. So I pulled up next to the car in the space in front of the one I was going to park in, signaled, stopped, and put my car in reverse. I then reached back with my right arm and checked the space, and turned my body to check behind my car. Everything was clear, so I eased off the brake and proceeded to back into the space, and BAM! And beeping! I'll be damned if some idiot hadn't zipped in on my right, nose-in, and taken my space. There was an empty space behind the one I was attempting to park in, and she had essentially passed me on the right so she was in my blind spot.

To add insult to injury, Officer "Barney" (Sanford is a little backward), gave me a citation for "Improper Backing" because he "didn't see the incident" and I had to be wrong because I was backing up. WTF?!! This is a $166.00 citation, and two points on my driving record!!

So, I told my boss what happened and filed a Notice of Appearance and a Demand for a Hearing before a Judge......Hence, today was my Court date. To add insult to injury, my insurance company paid to have the idiot woman's car fixed, even though I told them I was fighting the citation!

So off to Court we go. Officer "Barney" was there. The idiot woman was there, and I had the sinking feeling that my pants were going to be around my ankles by the time the Hearing was over..... My case gets called and the Judge says that if I take the citation now, he'll only order that I have to take an online driving course, but it I proceed and lose, I'll get to pay the citation ($166.00!!!), two points on my record, and Court costs!! My boss smiles at me like the citation (did I mention that it's $166.00!!!) and the online driving course (another $45.00!!!) is a gift, so I shake my head, square my shoulders, and in my best, Southern, "Oh, Hell, NO!" voice, I say, 'Bring it!"

My boss cross-examines Officer Barney, the little condescending f**k that his is, and he's adamant that I was improperly backing and didn't have the right of way. Ditto, the idiot woman, who suddenly couldn't remember if she saw that I had my turn signal on, nor my backup lights. She finishes by telling the Judge that she has an exemplary driving record, that she's maintained for many years. Okay - I'm screwed.....And then the Judge askes me to describe what happened, looks the idiot woman in the eye and says, "And I see here that Ms. Avant also has an exemplary driving record that she's maintained for many years, too." Okay. Maybe I have a shot. So, I describe what happened (see above) and brace myself for the verdict. The Judge says, "I don't think that Ms. *idiot* has proven her case beyond a reasonable doubt. My judgment is for the Defendant." Wait!! That's me!!!! Woohoo!!! There is justice!

What a great way to end the week! That and getting on the scale this morning and seeing that another 1/2 lb has melted away! I got home and walked, and then had a small NY strip steak, 1/2 of a baked potato (I used non-fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream - Really good!), and broccoli. And a frozen fruit bar!

Afterward, I drew a bath, and had my tea and Release Me with a 25 minute soak. Now, why I'm not asleep is anyone's guess. Excitement of the day, I suppose!

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    In the spirit of the FANTASTICAL...WARRIOR women we are...AMEN...and thank you dear heavenly father! emoticon ..or mother!

    I'd say the judge realized that if you were willing to fight this action tooth and nail that you HAD to be telling the truth!

    Sometimes the universe IS RIGHTLY aligned!

    GOOD JOB! and...your dip~ister boss should have taken you out to a $166.00 dinner to celebrate! emoticon emoticon
    1978 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    That's the way to fight it sista!!!
    1979 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1979 days ago
    i have always fought every ticket i've ever gotten and had most of them reduced or dismissed. course, none of them was for 166 dollars, but still. it feels good to win, especially when you were in the right.
    1980 days ago
    Congratulations! That is a tough battle to fight!
    1980 days ago
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