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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The day started out beautifully. It was sunny, cold, but not windy for a change and my wonderful Stepdad drove me to the meeting of the Probus walking group so I could go on the walk. The leader, an incredibly fit senior, set out on a blistering pace :P Only three of us kept up with her, and the others in the group trailed behind. We just got down to the path along the river when I spotted the coyote across the river. So we stopped briefly to enjoy a good look. But our leader was a dynamo and anxious to get going, so we speed walked to one bridge, crossed over and went down tons of steps to get to the wooded path along the river. The others in the group elected to stay up top and take the sidewalk to the next bridge. It was a good thing they did or they would have been left far, far behind. I am sorry I got no photos :( i would have been quickly left behind if I had stopped to take them. As it was, I was enjoying chatting with the lady who was walking beside me. She was having a bit of trouble keeping up as well, but we stayed in range of our fearless leader. Then we got back to other side and when we were close to where we went up, we saw the coyote again, watched him for a while and saw him disappear so we could only speculate he had a den there somewhere. It was around the table for coffee and treats for some that I discovered a Dr. in our group had had Dorothy working in her clinic for her for many years. She commented her office had never been run better or more efficiently and that Dorothy knew all the patients and their problems and could schedule them in according to greatest need, etc. She would have gone to the funeral, but couldn't get out of a University teaching class :(
So after the social, I walked over to a Thai restaurant and had their buffet. Enjoyed it although most stuff was heavily laden with coconut milk and my calorie total came to well over 1,000 for the meal :P.
Then I walked over to Mary's to get a ride to the funeral. I was pleased to see all the oldest members of the bridge club had come out, even a man with serious health problems who had to give up playing years ago. It was a simple and quick funeral, with a montage of photos of her life and family. There was a sad moment especially when a photo of her and her best friend and bridge partner Angela was shown, as she lost a ten year battle with breast cancer :(( It was because Dorothy had lost one of her regular partners to cancer that I was fortunate to get a game with her (Maxine, another sweet lady sorely missed). We have been hit hard by cancer at the club this last year, its been so sad :( Three have had bowel cancer surgery and unfortunately, one, our oldest member at 95, has gone into the hospital and we fear she may never come out :(
On a more postive note, Mom has three coyotes living in a den below her hill near her house, so she has been seeing lots of them around the yard. The bad news is they are a danger to the roaming cats, so she wants them gone. So she will have the den destroyed. She thinks someone was actually feeding them which is why they have come to stay.
Have a Super Sparking Saturday all!
Thanks for all the goodies and support!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just heard Larry Hagman died from a battle with cancer (JR- from Dallas and Tony from I Dream of Jeannie- I am sure you know of him)-so sad! Loved that actor and those shows! Cancer is wicked! I have lost friends and family too to it! And uncle this summer to skin cancer! Sigh.
    Hiking is fun, but when you can't go at a slower pace sometimes and enjoy the scenery, that can take the fun out of it!
    I don't blame your Mom-get rid of the coyotes...danger to her too! We have heard that our neighborhood is getting wild boars coming in from the woods getting in to trash cans. Yikes! When they get too close to home, it can be scary to even go out in your yard. We have also had reports of bear, bobcats and Florida panther! emoticon I have seen the panther!

    1978 days ago
    Sorry to hear about the sadness but very happy to hear about your hike/walk - good for you!! We have coyotes in our area but rather than try to destroy them, I prefer to just keep my small animals under control. The coyotes PREFER rabbits and other small game animals but will definitely go for a cat or small dog if it's an easy target.
    1983 days ago
    Cancer is a nasty thing - and unless many of us change our ways there will be much more of it!

    Glad you have a good walk!

    1984 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Damn cancer! I've lost more people - family and friends - than I can count and I hear of another death more often than I can bear.
    1984 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi Linda,
    I am wondering if there is something to the season or month or something, especially after reading your blog. 2 of my friends--both current colleagues in other schools--have lost their husbands this past week. One had serious lung cancer and they were prepared for this (or as prepared as you can be) for his passing. The other was totally unexpected and as of now, I haven't heard a diagnosis for him as of yet, but it frightens me anyway. I cannot imagine how they are feeling or coping. I am so very sad for them and their families.

    As for the reactions of others, it makes it harder for me to watch others grieve. I am a very private person and do not even cry a great deal in public. I don't like to intrude on the pain others are having--that said, it does help to notice the families of the one who passed on to give me a hint of how to respond in a way that truly supports them.

    I'm sure glad that your weather is holding up and allowing walks like you took. It is always great to hear of nature's gifts that you have seen and the pure beauty around you. Take care of yourself and don't forget to be good to you in all that you do!

    Gentle hugs,
    1985 days ago
    My first experience with our Hiking club (which I dropped out of) was a LONG hike with a lady in her 70's, long legs, and FAST....good grief....I don't hike like that. I like to take time to LOOK and take pictures!

    As for the coyotes'....they come up our dry river bed looking for CATS....Cats turn and fight, and die, while smart bunny rabbits, take off lickety split!

    Hope your friend got a good farewell by all. She would have loved that!
    1985 days ago
    Your hiking leader sounds like she needs a safety class. I don't hike anymore, because I don't have a partner. Dh can't hike now. He walks out in the pasture area of the farm here. He sets traps for the critters, gophers and moles. We have coyotes here. Wish they'd corner more of the little critters. They are actually coming for a drink of water from the river. Sil sees them almost daily when he's on his way to work. I think the cats and dogs are used to them, we haven't missed and of the neighborhood pets.
    1985 days ago
  • LINDA!
    It is so sad that so many members have suffered with cancer. I also wanted to say that I definitely hope that the coyote den is destroyed. I hate that the roaming cats or small animals are in danger.
    1985 days ago
    Lots of sadness indeed: and it's things like walks and friends and coyotes that help us bear that sadness.
    1986 days ago
    Seems to be happening more and more , friends or partners of work friends being diagnosed with cancer. Just found out a husband as got the all clear after chemo and radiotherapy and her work mate has just resigned from work so she can go and battle a recent diagnosis of a specialy virilent type of breast cancer!

    Your walk sound great! I kept stopping on our 10k walk to take photos! Will put them up on a blog when I have a spare min!

    1986 days ago
    Sounds like a lovely walk. So sad no one could cover the lady's class. One of the most terrifying words to me is the c word. I have a phobia about it. Just found out last night one of our teachers, young mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Hoping for the best. A A Teacher in school only a few miles from us was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her youngest is five months. It's very depressing and disheartening.

    Hope your day is filled with good things.
    1986 days ago
    I hope Dorothy's memorial was a wonderul tribute to her life and family. Seems like everyone I am hearing from these days is losing someone. I think that means I am finally getting to that age... I'll stop there!

    However, I am now worried about the homeless coyotes! What if they have babies in there? Will they relocate them, or just shut down the den and have them move on? Although I wouldn't want them living in my yard, I think I would have them "rehomed" and we actually have a wolf sanctuary down here (Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary) where I have been many times to visit my little wolfie friend who likes to chew on my boots!
    1986 days ago
    I'm so pleased Dorothy was so well thought of and her funeral was a wonderful tribute to her.

    Have a great weekend Linda emoticon
    1986 days ago
    emoticon It sounds as if the Funeral was a Beautiful Tribute to Dorothy. It is wonderful that many of her Friends/Bridge Partners could be there.
    emoticon I'm afraid that I'm with your Mom in wanting the coyotes gone. Just not sure you are safe with them so close.
    1986 days ago
    Thanks for posting and hugs. Take care and Sweet Dreams
    1986 days ago
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