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Friday, November 16, 2012

Today after I did my morning workout, I drove to my WW meeting. I got on the scale at my weigh in, and held my breath. I lost 2.4 pounds this week and there was a song in my heart. I listened attentively at the meeting and found that I was doing many things correctly. I felt good. Since I was in the area,, I stopped at a large department store (yes, I had several coupons) and decided to try on several tops that were on the sale rack. Gasp! All of them were too big - even the smaller size!

Before I tried on the tops, I was strictly measuring my progress by the number on the scale. When I tried on new clothes, I got another measure of my progress. Tonight, I found a third measure of my progress. When I took off my ActiveLink and plugged it into my computer it registered 4 activity points. What that number means is that I achieved the level of my baseline activity, plus 4 additional activity points above my baseline. I was totally shocked! This is the level that I am trying to meet at the end of my 12 week challenge. It is only week 3 and I've already had a day where I've met the challenge! Wow!

How did I hit my goal of 4 activity points? I split up my activity over the course of my day and kept moving, all day long. I'm not sure that I could keep up that pace every day, but I was thrilled that I was able to do it today. Today, I didn't work out harder, I worked out smarter. I'm living proof that breaking your workouts up into workout sections, gives you just as great an overall workout as one long workout. In fact, for me, this worked out much better because I wasn't overly tired after my workout. This meant that I had energy left to do other things and was able to keep moving throughout my day. Today I feel like I'm making real, measurable progress!
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