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The most awkward Zumba "class" I've ever done

Friday, November 16, 2012

I "teach" a Zumba "class" twice a week in the community building of my apartment complex. It's really more of a Zumba club. I'm not certified or anything, and it's not a paid gig - we just get together to work out. There's only 3 other women who regularly come (or came) to classes, and they're all trying to lose weight. I'm trying to maintain my new health and fitness, and Zumba is a fun way to exercise, and I've always loved dancing (I grew up taking dance classes and being on my high school and college dance teams and all that - which is probably one reason I've always had such crappy body image, all those tiny girls and all that focus on skinniness that you get with dance). I picked up our old paid instructor's choreography pretty thoroughly so that once she left, I was able to carry on, and I've added some new dances of my own over time as well.

Anyways, that's a bit of background. Lately, one girl has stopped coming because she moved. Another has been gone visiting family for a few weeks. The third keeps having church conflicts lately. Therefore, I have done a LOT of Zumba-ing all by myself in the community building, where people can totally see in through the windows to see this one random girl doing booty shaking and dancing and jumping around ALL ALONE. Surely, that must look pretty weird.

So I was pretty happy to have one of my Zumba buddies show up last night for our "class." It felt nice to have some company for a change!

But it got weird.

Her energy seemed to fade fairly quickly, much as I tried to yell and be energetic myself. And I'd told her there would be two new dances so that she might have something to look forward to. However, when we got to the first new dance a little over halfway through the hour, she didn't even crack a smile. It was "Gangnam Style" - which I realize is internet-memed to death, but it still makes me smile and it's got an energizing beat. I thought it was good comic relief of a sort to have that song playing partway through the class and to do some of the goofy moves from the video. Personally, I think the dance I put together for it is super fun. But she only attempted to do my choreography for maybe 30 seconds and then gave up and started doing her own random slow karate kicks. Maybe this sounds weird, but that seems kind of rude to me. I get that maybe she needed to go a little easier. But she completely dismissed the new dance I worked on specifically for this Zumba group. I'm doing it all by myself while she ignores my work and does her own thing. Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with people doing whatever movement they want - but this was brand new. It seems to me that courtesy dictates that a person ought to at least TRY the new dance ONCE. Even if they have to tone down the moves for whatever reason - at least do a modified version of the dance that I spent time putting together. At least once!

So that was odd.

Then, random people start coming in. Just a couple, and at first they're only coming in briefly to drop off food dishes (presumably for an upcoming event of some kind - I didn't know what was going on initially). They all looked pretty startled to see us, though, and that was awkward. Still, it would have been more awkward if I was alone dancing around in the community building and people came in, but because the other girl was there it at least looked like an exercise class, even if there was just one "student."

But then the other girl decides to leave early. She asked if the song that had just come on was the last one. I said no, it was the second-to-last. She was like, "Yeahhhh I'm gonna jet. I'm just not feeling it tonight." I was sort of stunned. What kind of attitude is that?? You're ALMOST DONE. Why quit early just because you're "not feeling it"? If everyone quit exercising when they weren't feeling it, most people would never get healthy and lose the weight they want. Maybe this is just me, but if you're serious about getting healthy, You. Don't. Quit. You stick with whatever you're doing unless an emergency comes up or an injury happens!

She leaves, and I'm doing that second-to-last dance, which happens to involve a LOT of hip and crotch thrusting and booty shaking. It's not the kind of dance you want an audience for.

Too bad, because partway through that dance, a FLOOD of people about my age start coming in, bringing in tons of food dishes and dressed up in nice party clothes. Please note that this is NOT a big room. I'm shaking my ass about 15 feet from these very nicely-dressed people who are clearly setting up for a party.

And here I am, this random sweaty girl blasting Latin-ish music and shaking her tail feather in a really embarrassing way. While about 3 dozen people start setting up for some kind of nice dinner event. I try to make a point of announcing that "We do Zumba every Monday and Thursday, if anyone ever wants to come!" and one girl in her dress and heels starts following along laughingly with me as I dance. I doubt this will happen, but maaaaaybe now I'll have a new face or two next week...?

Anyways, I refuse to be intimidated into stopping early. I have the building reserved, and I want to finish my hour of Zumba!! So I keep going, and the embarrassing booty-shaking song ends and I start the second new dance I was going to show my "class." It made me kind of sad that the girl who bailed missed it, because I really like it. And then the cool down/stretching song comes on, and so I'm stretching out for 5 minutes while these people continue to set up tables and put out food. One girl told me that I was "really good" at the Zumba stuff. So that was nice. But otherwise, it felt SO awkward. Does anyone really like an audience while they exercise? I liked an audience when I used to do real dance, but this is cardio dance (as opposed to art-dance) and there's all that hip shaking and crotch thrusting and shimmying and so on - I don't want to do that in front of a huge group of strangers!! At least their organizer told me that *he* knew there would be Zumba in the building when they arrived for their party (which was apparently a big group of friends doing their own Thanksgiving party together, scheduled for right after our Zumba ended). So while a few other people might have been startled when they came in, at least there was someone who could explain to them why a random person was booty-popping around the building.

They were all very nice, of course, and they very sweetly invited me to join them for dinner, several times.

But still.


Come Monday, I'm gonna strangle that girl for leaving me alone. :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    If you had the room booked, the other people should NOT have been in there setting up (unless they actually bothered to talk to you, figure out you had the room booked, and THEN ask your permission, which you would have been perfectly within your rights to so no to).

    I might suggest you make a sign to hang on the door for your Zumba class time: Zumba class, list days, list timeslot, come in and try it out (or some equivalent comment).
    2045 days ago
    Giving your friend the benefit of the doubt, maybe she ran away because there was something up with her, or maybe the random folk coming back and forth proved to be the last straw.

    It's a bit rubbish. As you said, when you know there's an end in sight you can push yourself a bit more. Well done for carrying on though! That takes a lot of guts.
    2045 days ago
    Actually, I think it was extremely rude of the thanksgiving party to interrupt your class and start bringing in food. Their booking was for AFTER your class. Nevermind how many people were or werent in your class, you had reserved that room.

    The bail-out girl missed out, her loss, and so wimpy. I suppose I should be kind and say maybe she was too self concious to exercise one on one?
    2045 days ago
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