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Friday, November 16, 2012

So what does a cheapo ring have to do with weight loss?

A bit, as it turns out, at least for me. I was at the store, and decided I wanted a candy bar. (Great start, huh?)

I was walking to the candy section, when I passed the "gee gaws" the store has up front. I glanced down, and saw this ring. It is a 'glow in the dark mood ring'. Woo, woo... I just liked the star. So, I picked it up, and thought I would get it.

Why this thought came up, I don't know, but as I looked at it, I pondered, "Do I need this AND a candy bar?"

I had enough money for both, but I realized I really just wanted a pick me up. Well, the star ring did that, and I decided against the candy bar.

So, I went walking the next day. The ring, when my fingers are cold, is a light sea green. I walked, and as I warmed up and got the blood flowing, it turned a beautiful blue purple. Neat! Cheap and easy way to see if I am working!

Then I went for a candy bar... again. I reached for it, and saw the ring. It is on my right hand, so I see it when I reach for something. It reminded me, hey, Dingus, aren't you supposed to be doing good for you?

(Star ring has a little attitude, yes? Guess I needed it...)

I went home and made myself some sugar free cocoa that was more in line with the calorie budget... I won't say I haven't had a candy bar in the 3 weeks I've had the ring, but having the physical reminder there is a help.

So, in the interim, I have been walking, I have been eating (mostly) better, and I have been looking at the ring a bit to remind me that food need not be my ONLY reward for a pick me up...

Mind changing, one star at a time...

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