What a compliment!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sometimes i'm convinced things happen at exactally the right time. As vague as that sentence is, i'm going to try and elaborate. i've been feeling like i'm doing "okay" when it comes to my workouts/eating/healthy balance lifestyle. i've been putting my time in at the gym, trying to beef up on the healthy foods, find a peaceful place to go to...but kind of feel like "what's the point?" i know living a healthy lifestyle is best for every aspect of my future, but i guess i was looking for more reward(s). well, today i got what is one of the biggest gifts i could receive: a compliment from a trainer at my gym. i'm not one to be social at the gym, i show up, warm up, then get straight into my cardio or weight lifting routine. because i'm so socially akward (which is a little shyness mixed with introvert mixed with incredibly self conscious) i rarely talk to anyone or even make eye contact. yesterday i was doing lower and today upper. this trainer guy came up to me today and got my attention by asking if i was using a certain weight (that needed to be put back), i said "no" and was about to proceed thru my routine when he said "that thing you did yesterday on the bosu was awesome, where did you learn that?" i was shocked! first, because i don't ever think people are watching me and second because i more than sometimes think "is this even doing anything?" what he was referring to was i did squats with 10lb dumbells held on my shoulders, pulsed for 3 small squats, then did a deep squat and came up all the way extending my arms straight up while standing on an upside down bosu ball. i learned to do as many lifts that challenge your balance when i had a trainer as it's awesome for your core. i don't know why, but receiving a compliment from a trainer is such a self esteem builder! just reassures me i'm on the right track and just need to keep on challenging myself. emoticon
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