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Curiosity killed the cat

Friday, November 16, 2012

I DID go to the gym with my friend, but the lifeguards called out, so no swimming for us. Sadness!

However, we did have a nice run instead. I took it pretty easy, so my hip is a only little sore today. I think I'll be okay for my TURKEY TROT, just slower than usual.

Sooooo, anyway. On the subject of curiosity. TMI ALERT by the way, I am going to talk about my cans. If you don't like it now is a good time to run away.

I have always been rather, ah, well-endowed up top. My first bra was a C cup, I think I was 12. UGH HOW I HATED THEM. Still do! Currently I am pretty much off the chart as far as cup sizes go... different manufacturers use different letter systems, but they all only go up to about a 12 inch difference between your band measurement and breast measurement. I have at least a 16 inch difference. I just buy the biggest ones I can get locally and deal.

I have wanted breast reduction surgery pretty much since I got breasts, hahahaha. I've always wondered how much of my extra weight is there specifically. You know, "I'm ___ pounds overweight, but most of it is in my jugs."

Out of curiosity, and because I was in a towel, and because my food scale was out on the counter... you can see where this is going. I weighed my breasts today. HEH. Separately, and it's only an estimate since I can't actually detach them and set them on the scale (DON'T I WISH. I'd leave them home most days.), but I thought I did ok. Apparently they weigh about 5 pounds each.

I'm disappointed! I was expecting so much more.

I wonder if I can add a line for this in the "Weight and Other Measurements" tracker... certainly something I'd be interested in keeping an eye on.

A Google search is telling me much bigger numbers for a chest my size. Perhaps I will reweigh. Stay tuned for updates.
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  • no profile photo CD13045899
    !!!!!!!! OMG how much do I love that you did this?!?!?!?! Now this area, my friend, is one where we in fact are so not twins. I've been a B cup forfreakinever.

    I complained about my lack of well endowed-ness in college once to one of my best friends who is about an F cup. She made me put her bra on, and then filled them with pomelos (think large grapefruits if you're not familiar with the fruit) and told me to walk around with it for ten minutes. I think I lasted two minutes. I never complained again. There are definitely times when I wish I could shift bellyfat upwards, but I've made my peace with my breasts-especially when they're hoisted in a push up bra. =D

    I have had one friend that's had a reduction from F to C and she's super happy with the results. My other friend (the one that made me put on her bra) will probably get a reduction when she's older since she has crazy back pain. Until then though, her main complaint is finding cute bras in her size (she's too small bodywise for Lane Bryant).

    I have to admit, I can't really recall a time when I weighed less than 240, and I hope to shrink everywhere else but that area by the time I reach my goal weight.
    3097 days ago
    LOL I am will endowed as well so i understand the issue. I have issues buying sport bras because extra large is not extra large for some. Anyway my bra's have started to fit better because i have lost weight so that is good. I wish we could wave a magic wand and make them disappear some days. emoticon
    3098 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12557708
    hahaha! I, too am pretty well endowed but I have never measured "the ladies". Now I am so tempted...I usually use the scale at the gym so I guess I won't be weighing them anytime soon emoticon
    3099 days ago
  • LEB0401

    What's funny is I did the same thing a while ago. Mine were only 1lb. :(
    Now they're probably 1/4lb each since they shrunk so much!

    My mom actually had breast reduction surgery, and her insurance covered it since it was to treat her migraines. She loved her results! It leaves you with some pretty gnarly "anchor" scars, though.
    3099 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2951711
    I feel your pain! I've been well endowed myself and I remember wearing a size C at the age of 10. I've considered breast reduction many times and actually was approved by my health insurance one year but I chickened out. Now telling from my back pain I get from them, they are more than 10lbs total! LOL I'd re-weigh those girls! LOL
    3099 days ago
    Haha... I wish I could feel your pain. I've got the smallest boobs in my family--and I lost my boobs when I lost the weight.

    That's the only thing I can tell ya -- keep working, and if you lose a ton of weight, and your boobs don't shrink -- then insurance is willing to help pay for a reduction surgery. And from the two people I know that have had it done -- its worthwhile.

    I always thought my arm fat weighed a ton since they were so huge -- apparently only 1.5# per arm and they were giant. Just remember how big a # of fat is.

    Here's to hoping you can join the IBTC with me!
    3099 days ago
    ROFLMBO! Been there, oh wait-live there! When I was-um younger-I had a friend that worked at a butcher shop, the scale was at chest height, yeah. So I just laughed myself silly when I read you blog. I can't even remember what they weighed back then (I'm thinking it was around 11lbs?) And I only weighed 140 then! Oh to be young again.
    3099 days ago
    Lol! I know exactly how you feel. I've got the same problem. The last time I was measured for cup size I was a 38F. Bras are nearly impossible to find. I've gotten bras from Lane Bryant before, but had to order online. They are also usually upwards of $50 per bra! Anyway, the cup size fit, but the down side was that I couldn't try it on before I bought it. So, needless to say, it is a very uncomfortable bra :(

    Just remember, breasts are nothing but fat. It's a fact of life that we can't get away from.
    3099 days ago
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