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Friday, November 16, 2012

I know a lot of people are looking forward to Black Friday and I get that people want the good/unbeatable deals but in my eyes IT'S NOT WORTH IT. I am kind of disgusted by it. Waiting in line to get stuff. Pushing and shoving other people to get STUFF. I remember a few years back, a guy who worked at Wal Mart was crushed to death! CRUSHED TO DEATH! I still feel bad for that poor man and his family. I also can't fathom how the people who were part of that tragedy can live with themselves knowing that they didn't stop to help him!!! People just kept charging in the store. They didn't even stop for a HUMAN LIFE! Why? They wanted STUFF. Stuff is NOT worth a LIFE.

I just find the greed and the selfishness disgusting. It's ironic that the day after Thanksgiving, a day we celebrate to give thanks for what we already have, the next day, people wake up at ridiculous hours to get more stuff. Stuff that they don't need. I know, some people are putting away Christmas gifts but Christmas isn't about presents so that's no excuse.

I don't know if you heard but Black Friday isn't even starting on Friday. It's starting on Thursday and a lot of employees are going to miss Thanksgiving dinner because of it. How sad is it that employees have to miss time with their loved ones because of the greed of others? I don't want any part of it. No thanks.

I know some people find shopping on Black Friday fun and I know not everyone who participates is greedy or selfish but the crowds and pushing and shoving and the violence that occurs over stuff is astonishing. I shouldn't be surprised by it with the world we live in today but still, to think that people who are suppose to qualify as adults behave in such ridiculous and sometimes violent ways is horrible. :( Last year, in California, there was a pepper spray incidence. Pepper spray. Over a Nintendo game system.

How about instead of pepper spraying someone over something, teach your children that they don't always get what they want! Don't assault another human being for an inanimate object! Even better, teach your kids how to give to others.

This year, my friend suggested that we read to the children at the local Children's hospital. That sounds way more rewarding than any material item to me!

When I was younger, I was taught that stuff is just stuff and treating other people with respect and helping others is far more valuable than material items. My parents always say you can't take material values with you when you die! Still what you leave behind you when you go matters. I would be horrified if all I had to leave behind was "stuff." Treating people right, giving a helping hand, giving to others without expecting anything in return...those are VALUES & you can't buy them in a check out line!

I am not saying there is anything wrong with enjoying material items. What I am saying is it's a problem when material items are valued over someone's life!

If you do decide to go shopping on Black Friday, please be responsible. If someone gets something that you had your eye on, let it go! Practice patience and if you see someone is injured or appears to be in agony or any sort of pain, STOP to HELP them and see if they are okay!

If you don't want to go shopping on Black Friday and you don't think employees should miss Thanksgiving dinner with their families, there is a petition on change.org that you can sign for Target employees not to have to work on Thanksgiving. If you want the link, leave me a comment below and I will leave the link on your page. I swear I am not a target employee! I just don't agree with Black Friday causing workers to miss family time.

Also, remember all the things you are thankful for. Don't take anything for granted. Here are some things to be thankful for: Having your sight, being able to walk, being able to hear, having a sharp mind. How about having a roof over your head, electricity and plumbing? How about being thankful for your job (if you are employed at this time) when so many people are struggling? Not everyone is so lucky.

I know a lot of you ARE very thankful. Just wanted to write this as a reminder to be thankful and how insignificant stuff (material items) really are.

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    We don't have Black Friday here, but I have heard it can be quit a battle~
    1982 days ago
    I agree with you. Until last year I requested to work (office work, so we couldn't work on holidays) on Black Friday because it was quiet and I could get stuff done. Last year I was in the hospital the day before Thanksgiving and didn't feel well enough to go back until the following Monday. There was only 2 tv season DVDs I wanted so my parents took me out (using a walker) mid-day on Friday and they still had them. After that it was right back home. It was still crazy mid-day, but nothing where I was in serious danger.

    For the last few years I've watched the horrible things that have happened thanks to the news coverage. It is disgusting to see what some people will do to others; however, in reality, the same kind of things are happening every day of the year anyways. Look at the Madoffs of the country. Look at the stalemates in congress. Look at the murder, mayhem, and anger that is in the streets. Look at the road rage, the prejudice, and the neighbors fighting neighbors. I think this goes far beyond Black Friday; there is a culture of disrespect and anger in our country. Until the citizens of our country, and the world, can find how to respect each other things like this will always happen. It only takes 1 person who doesn't care to set off a chain of anger that can hurt thousands or more.

    What can we do about it? We can put positivity back into the world. I think your idea of volunteering on Black Friday is a wonderful idea. Find a way to cultivate respect and positivity in others and you can set off a opposing chain that will bring wonderful things to others. Inspire others to give instead of take.

    As for me, most likely I will be celebrating Thanksgiving alone, laying on the couch as I normally do. I'm okay with it because I know the message is in my heart and celebrating with family will destroy that message for me. I'm hoping to go out for Black Friday, but only for a few small items: 2 tv season DVDs and if I can I'll consider a few really cheap movies. That's it. I won't fight for them (I have 2 stores not far from me that have these DVDs on sale) and I won't disrespect others to get them. I'll be taking my walker and showing up at minimum a half hour after the store opens. Considering my circumstances, getting 2 items for 1/4 the normal price, that will help put a smile on my face as I'm stuck on the couch is worth trying.

    I think that instead of having petitions for stores to not open so early, we should be having pledges for people to be respectful and honest. Maybe even petitions for stores to allow partial deals (maybe 65% off instead of 75%) online to keep some people out of the stores. These stores will not change their practices, and some of the workers will want to be working to make extra money in these tough times. We need to change the culture, not the practices. Can you put wounded prey in front of a predator and expect it to not strike? It's better to change how we prey respond to the predator.
    1982 days ago
    We don't have black Friday in Canada,but I guess we're not missing much.
    Boxing day is bad enough!
    I agree that we are on stuff over load.
    I went to the grocery store last night and I was overwhelmed with the Christmas stuff everywhere-decorations, toys, food,specialties.
    Especially food (since I was in a grocery store). emoticon
    I was sharing with my daughter this morning how we're only in November and they have Christmas candies,cakes,ice-cream,cookies ect.
    No wonder we gain so much weight over the holidays! emoticon
    Keep up the good work!
    1982 days ago
    I remember with my children and toys often they played with the boxes more than the toys themselves. People do put too much pressure on material goods. So, many people think of what they want, not what they have. My husband and I were both dismayed that store employees now have to have Thanksgiving curtailed in the name of merchandising. Here in Canada, we don't have Black Friday but I know many Canadians who cross the border for it. Not me, not ever! I am kind of suspicious that you don't always get the best deals at least not unless you camp out overnight. I don't think there is anything I need that badly. Send me the link because I would be glad to sign that petition. Thank you for your thoughtful blog. emoticon
    1982 days ago
    I completely agree when my daughter is old enough we are doing two things...every time she gets a bunch of new stuff (christmas, birthday, ect.) she has to pick equal items to donate to a domestic shelter or a children's hospital. I also plan on having her adopt an angel from the angel tree and pick out the items for the kid. She is blessed to have what she has and she can pay it forward
    1982 days ago
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