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the endless yesterday

Friday, November 16, 2012

oh man--was yesterday ever just--i don't know--what happens when you mix insane with wonderful. i am sitting here exhausted and i have a lot of ground to cover yet today. morning started off pretty much okay--was tired from being awake the night before, but got my workout in, marianne came and we walked. while we were walking her daughter called her in tears--she just had her second child, had been up all night with the baby and was a basket case--could marianne come and get the older boy so she could get some rest. of course the answer was yes. marianne is devoted to her family and that little grandson, levi, particularly so. so we got on with our walk and she headed home to get ready to go and get the little one. got my cookies for cookie night finished, worked on painting etc. at some point i had to go to the local drugstore to get a couple things. now in his doomsday scenario rob wants to lay in a small supply of liquor (we don't drink, but its handy for barter and even antiseptic if necessary). the store had a bottle of grey goose vokda marked 10.00 off which was a great buy, so i bought that and a few other stock up items. after a couple hours passed i examined the receipt and realized while i had come home with the vodka, i had never been charged for it. now insert the second part of this tale--after hurricane sandy i made a donation to the red cross. somehow the web page ran the transaction through twice, but i just let it slide because i figured they need the money. okay--so now i go BACK to the store with my receipt to make things right with the store and pay for the 23.00 bottle of vodka i had walked out with. the clerk was very sweet and thanked me for my honesty. get home and there is an email from the red cross saying they had detected an error in their system and refunded me the second inadvertant charge. so that was great. symmetry in the universe.
now we come to the evenings festivities. i have reached the end of my rope in one respect with this group. i adore them and we all adore one another, but the task for the last 3 years of organizing our get togethers has just about done me in. there are several people who commit to a date and once i organize things around what i think is a good date for everyone, numerous people back out at the last minute. this cookie night was at the behest of a lovely new gal we have taken in to our weird little clan. she is such a wonderful person and really wants to get to know this group and become a part of it. she does not live close to the rest of us, and isn't on facebook which is how this crowd communicates. so i canvassed everyone, chose a date, let sharon (new gal) know what would work, everything was humming along smoothly. then 7 of our little group backed out at the last minute--and another person that was coming as a guest did too. now i am faced with the idea that this lovely person is going to have a party and no one will show up. fortunately there were 6 of us along with rob and i that were still going, and as it happened rob and i were the transportation for the entire group (which also often happens). so rob had to put one of the extra seats back in the van (we keep them out so the dogs can ride in comfort on the floor). its a crappy job to do, so i knew he wouldn't be happy about it. so he comes home all upset because 4 people had been laid off. in the ensuing attempt by me to lighten the mood with simple unrelated conversation, i get my head bit off for no reason and about an hour of unpleasantness ensued. as that resolved patrick arrived and we waited for marianne, so we could go pick up rosie, who can't drive at night. and we waited. and we waited. finally at 7 pm when no word had come i got worried about her (this shindig was about 30 minutes away and was supposed to have started at 7) and called. her older son had stopped by and she got talking and lost track of time. so we rushed over to get her--having to go out of our way for a detour. grabbed her, off to rosie's only to hit a second detour. on the way i called sharon, to say we were running late, and i called cindy who was supposed to meet us halfway and told her to give us about 15 minutes and then head out to our rendezvous point. swept rosie up, around another detour and got to our meeting place. no cindy. she thought i said i would call her when we were 15 minutes AWAY from our destination. so she was all upset and said just go on without her. so now my good intentions have brought me two pissed off people in one night. ugh. bless rob's heart, he is a natural born pathfinder, and he got us to sharon's house without getting lost. we arrived about 8:15 to find ben and hayden had arrived on time, and they had all been having a very nice visit. so we commenced our cookie night, and thanks to sharon and randy really had a lovely time talking about our gardens. sharon is a retired college professer and is excellent with groups of people. she has that kind of flawless social grace that most certainly doesn't belong to me, and the evening went on quite late because we were all having such a lovely time. left about 10:30, and by the time we got everyone back to their houses and home to our own bed, it was almost midnight. honestly if we had driven over any kind of bridge i probably would have had rob stop the car so i could jump off of it.
now today i have to go and hope i can make peace with cindy--i feel really badly--i know she was really looking forward to going. all my excess cookies have gone off to work with rob--and i didn't do too badly---most of the cookies were fairly small, and super yummy. i had held back 500 calories to spare to hit my high end, so it probably worked out about right.
but i am done trying to coordinate this group. the problem is we really love each others' company, and i don't want the group to disintegrate, but i can't deal with this frustration anymore. my hope is that the group will be important enough to the others that if i sort of open the reins up to them they will step in and set up their own events.
so that is my long tale of wonder and woe. hope today is calmer!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You certainly had "a day"!!
    I hope Friday was a bit better!!
    Have a good weekend, too!
    2039 days ago
    Wow, what an amazing amount of effort! Good on you for putting so much tim and energy into it. I hope other people realize that and step up, too.
    2040 days ago
    Hang in there.
    2040 days ago
    Coordinating any group, with everyone being able to make it is a tough job!

    So hope that this group picks up the reins, as it sounds like a fun outing! Since you mostly communicate by FB, just post .."Hey, it's about time we all get together again..." And see who jumps on it. Good Luck though, as it is hard for them to not think of you as the organizer. Happens with most groups! emoticon
    2040 days ago
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