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Cross Country Competition?? WK 2 Checkup

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well here goes week number two of tracking my goals for November. So far so good except that I had a lot of time off last week which translated into bad eating. I am back on track but with Thanksgiving coming up next week I really need to keep it together!

Part of my goals for the month was to do at least 2 races. So, last week was race #1. Well when I innocently checked on the online registration I had NO IDEA that I had signed up for a cross country TRAIL race! If you must know TWO important things about me you have to understand that I HATE trail races! A quick search of my blog history here on Spark would show evidence of that and why and #2 I have to be the most uncoordinated runner on the face of the earth! Well I did not realize that this was a trail race until the day before. When I told DH that I would be going solo to this race AND that it was cross country he was concerned and with good reason too, I am notorious for falling during trails. So he gave me fair warning that I should not worry at ALL about my pace and he advised me to remember that I had plans for my birthday later that evening and having a broken limb would surely put a damper on my time. I agreed with him, still nervous though and he wished me the best of luck!

This race was rather small, ugh - probably because it is November in RI and a trail after a hurricane the week before *may* present a slight challenge? Anyhow, I like small races anyway. When I arrived to the race I saw this woman that I see at ALLLLLL my races especially triathlons, hmmmmm, let's call her Mz. Spectacular. Well Mz. Spectacular is a super strong triathlete from what I have seen, mainly because she is really, really fast on the bike. AND I suspect in the brief conversations that I have had with her she dedicates way more time and energy into triathlons than I could ever hope to, she is even part of local clubs around here.

Typically Mz. Spectacular and I do not engage in conversations at races because she is usually chatting it up with lots of people from the triathlon supastar clique. But like I said, small race. Anyhow, I know that she had been taking swim lessons with my same swim coach Jeff so I asked her about her progress. She let me know that she had not been going to lessons ever since she had competed in Nationals. Of course I was muy impressed by this and had tons of questions! Well Mz. Spectacular ate this up for breakfast. Let's put it this way, I know exactly how many races she had this season, every event that she is good at, how she placed etc. etc. Of course I was extremely complimentary of all of her efforts because let's face it, it is impressive to meet someone that shares a common interest and seems to be so serious compared to me. It did however become very apparent at some point in the conversation that this was no longer a "conversation" per se but more of Mz. Spectacular sharing her resume and me giving her positive feedback. But - hey, that is okay by me, I work with people, different things make people tick, so if she needs me to stroke her ego just a bit, that is fine.

Anyhow, it was time to line up for the race. Mz. Spectacular of course was right at the start line, ME, well I held back...I am not that fast ya know! Then we were off, over wet grass, not cool! I felt good though, temperature was perfect, around 45 degrees and sunny. I was careful not to trip once we hit the rocks then the tree roots. Within a quarter of the first mile I saw Mz. Spectacular and cut her off on the trail. Now, I promise this was not mean spirited in anyway, I am not event typically the type of runner especially on a 5K to even attempt to overtake anyone, I run my own race seriously, especially in the first mile when everything changes by the end. Anyhow, I passed her and kept on going. The race had like 2 loops which was sort of confusing but plenty of volunteers to ask. Not so many people on the course. For a while there was this kid probably around 10 smoking me. But then at mile two this kid was walking. So I yelled to him "hey kid, keep running" he looked at me to ask if I was talking to him so I shouted "yes YOU keep it up!" Well he got the pep in his step and kept it up.

So I finally passed the finish line feeling good not hardly labored. However, I did notice that Mz. Spectacular came in after me. Afterwards Mz. Spectacular was commenting on how she had not been really training most recently after triathlon season. Then the race organizer was putting names on a chart to determine the winners of the race. Especially since it was a small race, I was curious too. I did not see too, too many runners ahead of me but who knows. Well Mz. Spectacular and I took a gander at the list. Turns out based on the ages that I was the first open female winner, hooray!! Mz. Spectacular was one person behind me. However, Mz. Spectacular is in the masters category and there was a woman that was 41 that came in before both of us. So, Mz. Spectacular proceeds to seriously ask the race organizer whether or not the 41 year old was registered for the race in the "open" or "masters" category. The race organizer seemed confused and explained the age groups, open was 19-39, master 40 to whatever...So then she proceeded to reiterate BUT it would depend what the 41 year old registered as. But the race organizer gently explained that it does not work like that, your age automatically determines where you are. Then I piped in that I had not registered a category just simply gave my age, 33. She was pissed! And now I was a little taken aback. I mean this woman was really trying to scheme on my 5K medal!!! She was seriously trying to convince the guy that the 41 year old was in the open category which in most age categories that I have seen 41 typically is considered masters. All of this so that Mz. Spectacular could convince herself that she was the first place masters female winner and not in second place. Now this is a local 5K, no prize money just a medal! I mean I was excited to win of course, but I am happy to win a paperclip really. Well the race organizer handed me my medal, no big fanfare and Mz. Spectacular said "congratulations" and hastily left the race. Let's just say, I did not get the impression that she was happy for me...

WOW is all I could say about that. Seeing as I typically see Mz. Spectacular at many of my races, I was hoping to perhaps start some sort of friendship of sort but it would appear that some people are a bit competitive. Crazy right??

Anyhow, that was my racing excitement of last week, here is the progress on my goals...

#1. Complete 2 races of any distances this month - 1st one DONE! 26:21 for trail not bad! Next one on Thanksgiving day!

#2. Go to a museum on my birthday - DONE

#3. Dictate what I want to do on my birthday so I will not be disappointed with DH's hair brained schemes - DONE but the Saturday of my birthday weekend with DH's master scheme was not all that...but he gets an A for effort

#4. Thanksgiving craft - not yet

#5. Start Christmas shopping THIS month - not yet

#6. Write weekly blogs about goal progress - DONE for this week

#7. Find at least two new running routes - 1 down, 1 to go

#8. Go see some type of show, comedy, play etc - DONE

#9. Get mileage back up to at least 10M by month end - 9M run scheduled for tomorrow, getting there

#10. Track fitness on Spark for the month - so far so good
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon emoticon You did emoticon A emoticon well deserved! Too bad for the attitude of Mz. Spectacular!
    I can so relate to running trail - I am the SAME way! I am so clumsy... running trail means running slower because I don't want to get an injury and going slower during a race is VERY frustrating for me.... when running I want to go fast .
    Way to go emoticon ! You did something challenging, out of your comfort zone and you completed with BRIO!
    1978 days ago
    Congrats on your trail run! :)
    No tripping = win!
    And so what if you put a little smugness in its place - sometimes that just needs to happen lol
    1987 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    Congrats on your win on the trail race. That's awesome.

    I can't believe that ladys rude!! I could maybe see it if there was lots of money on the line. But still that's just rude. On a good (okay maybe evil emoticon ) note...when you see her at future tri's, you'll be able to smile & think...ya, I kicked her butt in a 5km trail run & have the medal emoticon to prove it!!! hahaha
    1987 days ago
    Congrats on you win.

    Here - you are considered first for overall then if you don't win that, you then place as a grandmaster or master, then you place in your age group.

    1987 days ago
    IT's such a shame that someone could be so crazy like that! But congrats on winning - you are awesome! :)
    1987 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1987 days ago
    Your Mz Spectacular sounds like my "I'm a Boston Marathoner" as my weekly running group. Makes you wonder if they ever do anything else in their lives, doesn't it?
    1987 days ago
    Wow is right! Wow for you. Winning a trail race is awesome! And beating that lady is awesomer! I love your November.
    1988 days ago
    Wow, congrats! Sorry about "Mz. Spectacular." Ha.
    1988 days ago
    AMAZING!!! You won a TRAIL race!!! I am in awe! I am just like you; I am totally uncoordinated. I tripped and fell HARD last week and I still have scabs to show for it...and this was on totally flat pavement!

    I was cracking up at your "coaching" that kid! Also at Mz. Spectacular. I'm sure you ruined her day! HA! What is wrong with some people?! I am so glad you WON and she did not! I mean, seriously!!! Put that medal in a place of honor in your home!

    1988 days ago
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