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Twas the grape!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

We all have one of those days sometimes. I had one on Tuesday and another on Wednesday and I decided I didn't want to make it a hat trick so today I was determined to do better.

So I'm sitting here with Laptop typing in everything I've eaten (two chocolates, 60 calories each. Can this be true? It's WRONG on so many levels) and wrestling with the tracker which also has its days, today being clearly one of them. First it swallows everything I had for lunch, then when I reenter it, it regurgitates it again so it shows that I've gone hugely over my calories and I'm panicking and going 'where did all THAT come from?'

Work out what the problem is and delete the double lunch.

Nice idea, mind.

Then I start reviewing the day's freg. I'm a bit hampered by the fact that my scales are sulking because I stood them in a pool of water on the kitchen counter the other day. I am hoping that they'll get over it if I buy them a new battery. Anyway, I think to myself, there's the three largish mushrooms (cultivated, worry not, reader mine, I have not taken to eating what I photograph. Yet.) I ate with my pasta. Call them a portion. And the small bottle of smoothie I had at lunchtime, a second portion. And . . . er. The slice of tomato in my bacon sarnie at lunchtime. And that's it.


Deary me. Normally I don't have to think about freggies much, because I like them all but I just haven't got around to them today.

Head for kitchen, open fridge door. I am not that hungry you know, owing to the pasta with mushrooms and bacon and parmesan and a whole teaspoon of butter that I accidentally entered as 33 grammes of butter rather than .33 of a tablespoon. It's not always the tracker's fault, sometimes it's mine. If things don't look to be adding up right on the tracker there's generally a reason like the time I told it I'd eaten 8000 grammes of spinach rather than 80. There are a surprising number of calories in 8000g spinach, I'd advise against eating that much, really I would. We don't want to end up looking like Popeye, either.

Where was I? Oh yes, with my head in the fridge looking for freg . . . hm. I select a 500 gramme carton of grapes, weighed by Sainsbury's so I know how many in there. 500g is er er er six and a bit portions of freg. Also 194 calories so I can afford to eat the lot. I'm not entirely convinced that you're supposed to eat most of your freggies for the day in one fell swoop, but I do not do moderation and the grapes have been there a week so they need eating.

If you want to know where I am, follow the nom nom nom.

I've just realised I've got a litre and a half of water to drink, too.


PS the title is from a poem, the whole of which you can read here but the grape in the poem is in fact wine. And quite right too.

PPS has anyone else noticed that if you put 1 tablespoon of 'chunk style' (crunchy?) peanut butter in the tracker it calls you a liar and enters it as two? Or does it only do this to me?
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