Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kattik,Sudhir and I New York 2009

My Farewell Ode To Sudhir
Love,Passion and a Life well lived together in full Measure
Crystalised Precious Moments turning into invaluable Treasure
Hoarded,locked away safely in secret nooks and crannies of the Mind
A beautiful Collection of priceless Jewels that Time and Life have left behind
These wipe my Tears,soothe my Pain and assuage my Grief as I mourn
Offering truly great Support and Consolation to me each time I feel alone
We walked dreamily through the years of Beautiful Understanding and Togetherness
Today I ache so much for You---your Warmth,your Touch and your Tenderness
I miss the steady feather soft,gentle caress of your breath on my cheek
I miss the pleasure of just cuddling up to you--either wide awake or when asleep
I miss the sound of your lyrically Musical voice singing in our Home
The beautiful cadences and nuances of it adding to my Comfort Zone
Our never ending, meandering Conversations were an integral part of our married Life
We were one another's Best Friends, Confidants besides Lovers and Husband and Wife
We'd grown together like a Pair of Identical Twins melding seamlessly into One
Imbibing each other's Eccentricities and Idiosycrasies but also retaining our own
I miss the funny, teasing Camaraderie and deep Companionship that together we shared
I miss those indulgent ,subtly unobtrusive ways you had of showing how much you cared
You gave my Life a sense of definite Purpose and a profoundly deeper Meaning to being Me
You were the Wind beneath my Wings making me very Complete,Confident and Carefree
Your Aura surrounded me with a Rightness,giving me a very special cherished Feel
Trustingly facing the unknown Future with You and your Love being my protective Shield
All through these years that passed I have followed,treading in your footprints in the Sands
Leaving everything I held dear--Love,Trust and my entire Life in your very capable hands
Suddenly though in the blink of an Eye Life as I knew it was finished,over, completely gone
As I stood frozen,numbed, shell shocked---my Life lying in fragments around me--all alone
The Life I had known had evaporated in a heartbeat like Dew Drops under a Summer Sun
A dark,lonely, empty Path unfolded before me as my Journey through Life alone had begun
Today I stand distressed, bewildered and completely bereft without You to cling to
Groping through the confusing Mists of Indecision and Uncertainity of what to do
I understand and acknowledge that I have still to go on and also find a way to survive
But without You by my side--it's just Survival and I'm not actually, really alive!!!

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