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A&I BSG Bonus Blog 4 - Magnificent Mums - Week's Review

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am really pleased with how my week has gone; in fact, I am really pleased with both of the last two weeks.

One of my main goals was to focus on nutrition and I have been doing really well with that. Ihave been tracking my nutrition for at least two weeks now on a daily basis and I have been staying within my calorie range. In fact, at the lower end of my calories many days.

Another of my goals was to eat healthy and I have been doing relly well on that. I had one day each of the last two weeks when I had an unhealthy snack when we were having dinner at someone else's house.

Be mindful of other things besides calories. I have been checking my nutrition and I am failrly good in all aspects of protein, fat, carbs, etc. I still am low on the nutrients it tracks, but I do take vitamins so I am not so worried about those and I am still working on them.

My goal for exercise included a total of 375 minutes of combined cardio and strength per week. I have been averaging 50 minutes per day, or 350 per week, which I am happy with. I have been experimenting with new exercises and/or new focuses. Yesterday my focus was on speed on the treadmill. I did 2.4 miles in 40 minutes and got a new personal best for the mile of 17.02. Woo hoo for me. One other day I had a challenge to do 15 minuite HIIT and I did 30 minutes HIIT on the elliptical. Another woo hoo for me. I have also been trying some different types of exercises: the hollow-up which is a core exercise; the airplane pose which is for balance; working on the plank again. So, overall exercise is a huge success.

My goal for water was to continue averaging 11 8-oz glasses per day. I have been doing that. In fact, I have even had one or two days with over 11 so all is good there too.

My first and foremost goal was to stay focuses and I have succeeded.

I am happy with myself right now. Now I have about 6-1/2 more weeks to continue staying focused so I can end 2012 weighing less than I weighed at the begining. I can do this!
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