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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm sorry I've been so out of touch recently! I am just so busy all of the time forever.

The YMCA has a special deal going on--3 training sessions for $139, and it was just what I needed! Because I am super busy, I have had NO time for Body Pump. Ever since my job started (end of August), I've been going to BP for no more than once per week...if that. Sometimes I'd get lucky and be able to have another class, but for the most part I've been unable to.


Home girl needs her some GIRLY MUSCLES. emoticon

So last week I asked for three sessions and have since been in contact with my trainer, Trainer. (You know me and my keeping things private.) Our first session was today.

He's really nice. Kind of dorky (I suspect he's nerdy/geeky), but totally dedicated. He asked me what my fitness history was. I wasn't really sure how to respond, so I told him for ST I'd been doing Body Pump, that I've almost lost 30 pounds since the start of the summer, and that I used to be an active dancer. I tried to make myself sound like I'm no pro, but not exactly a novice either.

Unfortunately, he head "Body Pump" and assumed I was the latter.

Little did he know.

So he led me through a warm up that included some resistance band work and some free work, and for all the new exercises I kept asking him "What does this do?" Because I want to know what I should be working out, what I should be feeling, so I know I'm doing right. Also, I'm inquisitive.

Then he led me through five basic exercises. The idea is to quickly go through these five exercises, break, then repeat one or two more times. First he asked if I knew about Chest Presses--I have, from Body Pump. He asked me what weight I had been using. I said that I used a barbell with 5 kg on each side, so 10.1 pounds on each side. But we did that for a lot longer than just 8-12 reps, so I wasn't sure what I should be doing. He had me start on 15 lb dumbbells for chest presses. He commented on my good form, and 15 lbs was too light.

Then he asked to see my squat. Again--he noticed the good form. He gave me an exercise which he calls "Dead Lift," but it doesn't look like the dead lift that I did in Body Pump. It's a squat where I loosely hold the dumbbell with both hands in front of me. We started at 35 pounds. Too light--I did 15 easy.

Then for single arm rows. Again, 35 pounds--this was very appropriate. I really struggled for 8 on each side.

Then for arm raises while in a plank. I was to lift each arm 5-10 times (for a sum total of 10-20 times). Easy.

So I am to do these four ST exercises, then a cardio burst. Trainer was so disappointed that I had seen all of these exercises before. He, at one point, mentioned that he felt bad that I was "spending money for stuff [I] already know how to do." I explained to him that while I realize I can create my own ST plan by picking up weights and figuring out which one can I do correctly for 8 reps and not a rep more, I'd rather have a professional help me out so I don't injure myself. I care a lot about doing what's best for my body, and randomly guessing just doesn't seem the way to do it. He seemed to feel better after that.

He asked me if I had used the rowing machine. I half lied and said no. I had used it before...years and years ago when I went to the gym with my parents when I was 13. I wasn't even a little bit confident that I had even used it right, so it was simpler just to say no.

At this point (I'm not sure how we got on it), he mentioned how when someone says they used Body Pump as their ST, that "we" (I'm assuming he meant trainers) take that as they have no experience ST. But that I had shown good form on all exercises, and was performing on an Intermediate level. I totally understood where he was coming from and explained that I listen VERY carefully to my Body Pump instructors--I wanted to really build muscle. It bothered me when I'd see people not working anywhere near as hard as they should be--one girl who annoys me a lot CHEWS GUM while working out. In my opinion, if you can chew gum while doing ST, then you are doing it wrong. I try to do the most weight that I can because I want to have legitimate "girly" muscles (I then had to explain to him what "girly" muscles were). He seemed to appreciate my overall goals and ambitions, and the fact that I was willing to work for them.

So, anyways, rowing machine. I was to do 10 seconds of "slow" rows, 20 seconds as fast as I could, and repeat this 30 second cycle twice more (sum total of 90 seconds).

And then we repeated the cycle.

Chest press at 20 pounds. I could do twelve, but I was a bit shaky at the end. When Trainer asked how I felt, I said that I was fine with those 12, but that I wasn't sure if I could do 25 pounds. That I should probably be here for at least a few weeks, and by then I could be up to 25. He suspected that I could do 25. But onto the next set.

"Dead-lift" squats, 45 pounds. 15 Easy.

Single-Arm-Rows at 35 pounds. I managed to do an extra one on my right side. Woo!

Then we changed the arm-lift to an opposite arm-and-leg lift, which he called "Bird-Dogs." I do not know why. Our conversation went like this:

"Like, the two animals in a strange conjunction word?"
*laughs* "Yeah."

That was much harder. I only managed to do seven on each side before my body was like "I AM DONE NOW KTHNX."

Rowing machine.

Chest press. 25 lbs. As soon as I lay back, with the weights by my chest at my sides, I knew I couldn't do it. I wasn't sure if I could lift my arms. I was very shaky, and he had to catch me a couple of times--it was a bit too much. I did six (kind of sad looking) reps. Then he grabbed the 20 lbs and I did 10 more. Maybe I had psyched myself out, but I don't think so. I did expect to be unable to do eight good reps--I had thought I could have gotten close, though. Struggling with lifting them so much surprised me. So I'll be doing 20 lbs on my own, and 25 lbs only with a spotter.

"Dead-Lift" Squats. 60 lbs. 15 easy, but not as easy. I said that when I did this on my own on Friday I'd try 65 pounds and would report how that felt.

"Bird-Dogs" 8 on each side, but just barely.

Rowing machine.

And done. It was an awesome workout. He told me he'd e-mail my program on an Excel sheet and send that to me (which he did!), and we'd meet up again on Monday at 1:30.

We've also been texting back and forth this evening. He wanted to know about my diet (read: how I eat food)--I had mentioned losing weight and he said that if he had a better idea of how I was eating that he could give me pointers on how to lose those "last few pounds."

I told him that I tracked on SP and my ranges. He told me I should try to up my calorie intake because I exercise so regularly, and thought that my protein goals were a bit high (since I'm looking towards 80-110 grams per day). We exchanged thoughts about my diet, but I think he realizes that I'm not a total weight-loss-ditz, that I do have a good idea of what I'm doing--I just want to make sure I'm as healthy as possible.

Overall, a raging success! I'm really excited to have ST back in my program. I'm excited to see what wonderful things regular ST will do to my body. I'll keep you guys posted on what happens next, and hopefully a more personal update will happen soon.

Have a wonderful night, everyone!
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