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We have made a decision

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Originally posted as As Help: Are we making the right decision

EDITED to add this note: Thank you for stopping by.
We have made a decision. Now the question is when.

We have a sweet old cat . . . 19 year old. We live out in the country, with the neighborhood dogs and cats as well as all kinds of critters, foxes, coyotes, deer, bear, etc. She's always been an outdoor cat and a survivor.

Now she's deaf and goes around MEOWING at the top of her lungs all the time. She can't smell her food, I have to put her head in the bowl for her to know it's there so she'll eat. Then after she eats, she barfs it back up and what she keeps down goes right out the other end.

She has nearly caused my husband (who is a left leg amputee and just had a right knee replacement) to fall down the front porch steps a number of times cos she's getting to where she can't see and since she can't hear, she doesn't get out of the way when we're walking.

No cancer or tumors or any health problems but the vet's office is talking about 'quality of life'. My husband and I both think she's meowing because she's in pain.

We're thinking it's time to consider putting her down.

HELP!!! Is it time????

Okay, I know this isn't about SparkPeople stuff . . . . but this stressor has CHOCOLATE written all over it!!!!!!!!

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    I think we owe it to our pets to keep their well bring in mind first. I believe you are doing this and I am so sorry for your situation. Choosing a time is tough. So maybe think of it as allowing kitty to be released from an existence of pain and discomfort. This release ifs a gift you can provide. As hard on you as it will be.
    Hugs and much comfort being sent your way.
    2017 days ago
    At the very least the loud meowing sounds like she is upset about something. Could be pain, could be confusion if she is getting kitty alzheimers. With the vet talking about quality of life, it might be time.

    It is your decision, but I would advise for your own peace of mind, to give her at least one day of lots of petting. If she is flinching during that then you know for sure it is pain. Even without flinching, it can be pain, since it is unusual for a cat to indicate pain unless it is severe. But you will have let her know you love her, before she passes away.
    2017 days ago
    So sorry to hear about your cat. It's amazing that she is still here at 19. I am a dog person myself and never thought that I would have it in me to euthanatize a pet but when the time came I knew what had to be done. That was years ago and I won't say it was easy but it was the right choice for us. The vet is right about quality of life. It would be a traumatic end to her life if she to fall prey to a coyote. And of course as much as we love our pets the humans in our life come first. That is tough to say as my 13 yo pooch lies here beside me. Only you really know the answer to this question but it sounds like you already do.

    2017 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Oh my goodness, what a dilemma for you and your husband. It does sound like it is time. It doesn't sound like she has any quality of life for sure.

    I feel so bad for you but will be praying for the best for you all. It is tough so I will pray for God's peace for you over this situation.

    2017 days ago
    Oh, this is a tough one. I've lost pets to old age and it's not fun. If it were me and I thought she was in pain, I'd have to consider making "end of life decisions". But, you live with your kitty and know her best. I think you'll know when it's time and won't even have to ask.

    Wishing you peace.

    2017 days ago
  • LAURIE160IN2013
    I love kitties. It sounds like it is time. I know, so hard to believe and accept. You have to think about your husband's (and your) safety too. Poor kitty and poor you!
    2017 days ago
    I am just sorry for your tough decision.

    2017 days ago
    Gosh this brings back memories of both my cat and dog. When my cat was 11 he got diabetes which required me giving him daily insulin shots. Vet said to watch for seizures. In September of that year I got engaged with the wedding to be in December and also meant a move from big city to very small town without a vet. Cat then had first seizure and though he came through it he was not the same cat. So when I was to go away for the Nov 11 weekend I took him to the vet and asked that he be put to sleep as I didn't think the move would be good for him and not having a vet close at hand bothered me. Was very hard to do

    Then my dog - got her when she was 6 weeks old and she lived to 19 - going blind and deaf in the process. The blindness was due to cataracts. Poor little thing would get up from a nap take a few steps thinking she was outside and then would pee. Or if outside she would get up and come in to where her bed was and pee - so as hard as it was I needed to put her down. The vet said he agreed it was the right thing as her quality of life was not what either she or I wanted - and he assured me that I had been a good 'mother' to her and that was why she lived such a long life.

    It is hard but after 19 years - they have lived a good life and shouldn't have to have medical problems that can be prevented.

    Take care - thinking of you on making a decision on this matter
    2017 days ago
    One thing I might try: I've read that sometimes cats howl like that at night because they can't really see well anymore. Maybe try some night lights or low lighting at night?
    2017 days ago
    This is NOT about a DIET, it is about a LIFESTYLE and basically about a LIFE - YOURS. Your decision to euthanize your beloved cat IS part of YOUR LIFE. I think that from what you have said, it is TIME to let go. So often people refuse to allow their pets the same dignity in death that they had in their lives. If you love someone (even a precious pet family member), you do what is best for the loved one NOT just for YOURSELF.
    2018 days ago
    It doesn't matter if this is about Sparkpeople stuff. It is about your journey and your cat is an important part of that! I am a big time cat lover. I have 4 of them. Cats have been a part of my life since I was tiny.

    On the surface from what you have shared about the situation, the quick answer is Yes, it is time. Quality of Life is huge in my book. They can't decide for themselves and if she was living in the wild, she would already be gone as she wouldn't be able to survive on her own at this point.

    All that being said though, how long has she been throwing up her food? Has she always been on the same food? Is she still drinking water? Is she seeking out attention differently than she has in the past (sign of pain). Is it possible to only keep her inside?

    These are all factors to look at...but 19 is a good long life for a cat and rather than continuing to watch the suffering she is experiencing think about whether or not you'd want to keep her alive at this point for her benefit or yours.

    And with all things (I know you are already aware of this) prayer is the most important action. Pray about it and an answer will appear.

    I know the decision is not easy...I've been there, done that several times already.

    2018 days ago
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