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So... I had my Spark anniversary yesterday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Doesnt seem like a year. Partly because though I signed up a year ago, I didnt really start using SP until shortly after January.

I was trying to make some changes on my own, first of which was cold turkey cutting my sweet tea. I think that alone made me drop like 6lbs. I probably lost 15 or so pounds over the preceding 6 months, just making little changes, the biggest of which was cooking at home more and eating out less.

It wasnt until I started tracking with SP that things started clicking. And I was trying to track on my own with Excel. It just never occurred to me that there might be sites like this, I never even thought to look which is so surprising because I look for EVERYTHING on the internet. My sister and I had talked about losing some weight, we signed up for Dr. Oz Transformation Nation, and like later that evening, she sent me the link for SP.

I am not even sure what made me come back for a second look in January. Maybe because from Nov until January, I was basically spinning my wheels though I thought I was eating healthier things. Tracking just made all the difference for me.

So though this month is my SP anniversary, I really don't feel like my journey started until January, not a serious journey anyways. But really though, I probably did decide I wanted to lose weight sometime that summer, I just wasn't making much progress and not very committed. I had the cooking part down, but it was things like homemade breads and cakes and all the yummy stuff that my family just never really cared to eat. Well, I couldnt just let it go to waste, so I would eat it and it go to MY WAIST. So healthy choices were cancelled out by these other choices.

I think what made me decide that I needed to do something, once again I had asked my doctor's office about my weight and what can I do, and this time we talked bariatric surgery. I discovered that my insurance would not pay for it. I knew it was only a matter of time before my health really declined. I was not ready to continue to feel like a 90 year old lady in a 46 year old body, so I knew that it was up to me. I had to take responsibility for my own health, my own actions, and I knew I had to do what I needed to do in order to prevent whatever was preventable. No one else could save me from me but me.

I think part of why I wasnt committed before then was because I know my personality, and I always knew that once I got my head in it, I would be OCD about it. And I just wasn't ready to throw myself into it and give up the ideas of comfort & well-being that food conjured up in my mind. But I did know that once I got started, there would be no turning back and I would follow it through to the end. So though I knew I needed to, my mind was never ready to.

So I still was only wishing. Still not totally committed. Still not convinced that there was much I could do about it, that I was just destined to be fat and destined to die younger than I needed to. I think the actual turning point for me, was seeing a commercial for Dr. Oz. I don't know why I saw it, cuz I never watch network TV. But I saw it, tuned in, and my life has not been the same since. While everything on his show might not be for everyone, I have picked up little tips here and there, little things that I could very easily apply. It was due to those little changes that I lost the first 20 or so pounds. If I could meet one TV personality, I would like to some day have the opportunity to thank him for saving my life, for helping me to save my own life.

And then there is Sparkpeople. It just made the entire process much easier. Easier is not the right word, but it was easy to see where I needed to improve, it was easy to see what I needed to do. It provided me with all the necessary tools. The rest was up to me.

So anyways, I have learned so much this last year, give or take. I have made so many new friends. I have renewed convictions and aspirations. I have new inspirations. I am a totally different person than I was a year ago, both emotionally and physically.

I have read on SP that a year from now, your body will thank you. I can certainly attest to that. And I am certain that in another year from now, will be even better and I will be even more thankful emoticon
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