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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

emoticon I LOVE all things techie...or gadgety..is THAT a word?

Soooo when I finally got fed up with our credit card servicer I switched to Square. It takes ALL credit cards even Amex which I often declined because of their horrific fees for a mere 2.75%. Now to some other biz owners this may seem like a lot..but it really isn't when you factor in this is a FLAT fee with no hidden extras like statement charges, processing charges, Fed. Govn't. reporting charges, rental fees for your machine, or outright purchase charges for the machine, paper for the receipts...yadda yadda, yadda. It's a LOT more economical!

I think this handy little gadget will put the greedy world of processors out of business and I HOPE so after the goring we've taken over the last 2 years with our processing guy. LONG story...but the moral is...if you are unhappy with the way things are...go look into something else! You might be pleasantly surprised as a business owner...we were! It's all new...so knock on wood no glitches occur...but so far...day 2 and we are GOOD! emoticon

Let's just hope that all of these electronic gizmos don't make the world go dark like the new show out "Revolution"...I sometimes worry about that. It really can't be good having everything electronic...all the time. That's why I'm careful not to sign up for automatic deductions from our bank account..it's H*** getting them stopped after certain unscrupulous vendors have that automatic dip in.

I'm doing well with my new 'informed eating' program. Mostly low glycemic and low carb. I always ask myself "Is this something my grandmother would have had in HER kitchen?" Amazing how that zones you in on REAL food immediately.

I've lost about 5 pounds thus far and my energy levels are increasing...all good news!

Stay sparky my friends...I've got a busy, busy day ahead in the consignment gallery. It's all good in Bobbi~ville. emoticon emoticon
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    I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to my money anyway so I don't like anyone have access to taking anything out of my bank account automatically. Being a video game designer and maker, I love gadgets too!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon your virtual daughter!
    2012 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2015 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2015 days ago
    I'm one of the slowest and not needy person on the planet when it comes to techie or gizmo items. The only gizmo in the kitchen that I use all the time is my Pampered Chef vegetable chopper. My blender is 39 years old and my toaster is from Ken's parents and it's over 50 years old.

    I don't do on-line banking for anything except direct deposit of paychecks. I don't look at any site that includes bank statements, health reports, or pay bills. I just don't trust the security and don't want the hassle if something goes wrong.

    I don't have an Ipod, Ipad, MP3, Kindle or any of the new techie stuff. Guess I'm an oldie and out of the times.

    I'm happy my life is simple and easy.
    I enjoy it that way.

    Happy to hear of your weight loss.

    emoticon emoticon
    2015 days ago
    Yes! Good for you for not being "auto"ed by all that stuff! Computers DO go down, RIGHT? I also feel it is a great way to keep watch of your money. You are closer to it, when you spend time, playing with it, RIGHT!? Focus, focus, focus!
    2016 days ago
    2016 days ago
  • DEELB1
    must look into this emoticon
    2016 days ago
    Less weight on your bones and hopefully more weight in your wallet!!! WTG!!!
    2016 days ago
    It's all good in Bobbi~ville sounds good to me. you are doing great as usual. emoticon
    2017 days ago
    I try to stay clear of automatic deductions because they can go so wrong. My daughter had to fight one of the big banks because they were taking out 2 car payments a month for her car. What a nightmare. The one that has nailed me twice is the "annual" automatic deductions that I didn't even know I had signed up for. It took me awhile to get reimbursed on those. It is amazing that they can deduct it instantly but it takes months to get it reversed. Hmmmm.

    Anyway, awsome news about your 5 lb loss so far. It does work!
    2017 days ago
    Bless you for sharing your new find so that other business owners can consider it for themselves. My mother loves gadgets too, and is always finding a new one for her kitchen.

    2017 days ago
    We pay lots of fees cause we do it all online since we sell to wholesalers not end users but it is a necessary evil.
    2017 days ago
    Congratulations on finding a low-cost usable gadget like Square! I 've read about it. It does seem liberating. I was expecting this blog to be about a Fitbit from the title! lol!
    2017 days ago
    2017 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    emoticon weight loss

    oooohhhh those emoticon credit card companies, they have soooooo many fees, I got rid of them last year. I had been thinking about getting rid of them for awhile cause it cost sooo much to use it (I actually lose money) Well the final straw was when they charged a big HUGE fee out of the blue, saying the government made them do it (yea right)...ok that did it, when we told them to cancel they actually said that we can't cause we were signed up for it...aahhh unsigned us NOW...so after yelling at them for awhile....they said we were sign up until we did all this paper work.....good grief. (oh that machine was soooo yanked out of the wall)

    ....haha ....we have always owned the machine (we just got the cheapest one when we first started)...out of the blue they are calling up saying they are going to give us a new machine ...for free (yea right)...and wanted to come over and show us the machines....we ended up canceling saying we don't need a new machine (we just don't use it alot)....then come to find out they are trying to charge us extra fee for a new machine (free huh)...ok that is when you start thinking, so you really need it and then...."the government made us do it" bull, charge happened...ok desition made ...its yanked.
    2017 days ago
    wonderful. I love gadgets too. Great to hear how well you are doing :-)
    2017 days ago
    your new gizmo sound like fun! I remember when I had my cc swiped on a IPad device, It was so totally cool!
    2017 days ago
    Isn't it great to find something that simplifies your life?!! And congrats on the 5 lbs down - Take a look at a lb of butter......now multiply that by 5 - That's what's now gone from your body! My program is also low-glycemic and low carb, to a degree. I'm eating a great deal of organic meats and produce, at least as much as my budget will allow, and I find carbs are okay so long as they're complex. Be sure to eat enough, too. A quick weight loss that comes back with a vengence isn't what you're looking for!

    I also enjoy a beer or glass of wine, and have them instead of a carb - I'll have a grilled chicken salad instead of grilled chicken and brown rice, for instance. And that sweet-tooth? Lose the sugar substitutes - they're truly poison, and diet soda will make you fat and/or kill you. If you want a low glycemic sweetener, use organic agave nectar. It doesn't leave a funky taste in coffee or tea, like honey does, it's a little sweeter tasting than sugar, and it doesn't change if you cook with it. It also doesn't make your blood sugar spike.

    2017 days ago
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