Success journal after a difficult day

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today hasn't been say so to turn the tide of negative thoughts I'm posting a success journal: here are some things I'm proud of today...
1. I didn't give up on working out. I was interrupted halfway thru the first attempt and instead of throwing in the towel I did another workout when dh came home. This time I finished it!

2. I tracked all my food

3. I praised my kids good points

4. I talked with my son about an issue we'd had earlier

5. I managed to make a healthy dinner even though I felt exhausted and despondent

6. I made some budget-friendly , healthy, yummy choices when grocery shopping

7. I took the time to write a success list!

8. I knit some of my cardi!

9. I came prepared with great activities for my kids while waiting a long time for an appointment.

10. I made time to spend with my hubby

11. I bought some great quality snow boots for the kids for a bargain price AHEAD of the snow season!

12. I did some unpleasant and overdue paperwork.

13. I did my best to take a break

14. I drank loads of water

Well, I'm proud of me for being so persistent today!
Tomorrow I hope I won't repeat today's mistakes and plan to have a lot of successes!

Bring on tomorrow - I can take it!
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