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Taking that first step into a gym

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have you ever been afraid to walk into a gym because you have a poor self image? You think that everyone will be looking at you? It takes so much courage the first time you walk in to any gym. It is new. It is intimidating because you fear that everyone that is there must be buff and in the best shape of their lives. How can we possibly go in to the gym. But I took the step. And what did I find? No one is caring what you look like at my age. They just are there doing their own thing trying to get through it. I am sure that there are the hook up gyms where all the beautiful people go, LOL. So dont go to that one. Ask if you can try out the gym. The Y has two week passes. Most places will let you try it out once. If the atmosphere does not work for you, don't go there.
I am blogging about this today because of a friend of mine. I was telling her that I was swimming. Doing water Zumba and aerobics. Just for a fun work out. Yes people, work outs can be fun. No I might not burn the most calories off at those workouts, but mentally it is so good for me. And this week I had strained my lower back and I swam because it felt good on my back and kept me moving. Now I have learned from so many people big and small that body image plays a huge part on going to the pool. No one wants to feel icky about themselves. So I had to plead with my friend to give it a try. I promised her that no one would be looking at her to check her body out. She gave it a try. Now I have created a water monster. She just loves it. And it is great for me because I have a buddy that likes to swim with me.
Try something out of your box. The results can be amazing. I know my friend is surely loving it.
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