Was there a full moon last night?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello all again. I've been away from blogging with a nasty flu and cold and through the fog of Nyquil - well - words were difficult. Spelling was even worse. Somehow I managed to not only sound like Elmer Fudd, but write like him too. I fwelt weewy weewy bwaaad.

Anyway - quick question. Was there a full moon last night? Or some kind of cosmic joke directed at me and all things electrical??

I ask this because the home renovations continue under very dubious circumstances. Joe has a friend who is coming to Oregon for a job interview and is going to stay with us for 2 days at the end of this week. Ahhh - 2 days of company. Sounds nice.

Oh wait - that means I need to get the guest bedroom cleaned up. To do that means I need to get the winter coats off the bed. Oh wait - to do that means I have to get them in the closet but we never got around to installing the closet rods and shelves. Oh - to do that I need to actually buy that stuff. Ok - but did I really have to buy the only closet rods in town that were cut 2 inches short of standard?

Oh and to fix him a nice dinner I really need to get all the canning stuff put away, including all the food. Luckily we found an old cabinet but if I put it in the laundry room/storage pantry before I replace the floor, I'll just have to move it all out again. Hey husband! I have a bright idea. Lets rip out the nasty floor and replace it! It will be easy (she said Sunday night).

Except they tiled it directly onto plywood that was cemented and screwed to the subfloor. I nearly lost my lady parts trying to get that apart. But a strong man and a 4 foot prybar got it all out except for where the washer and drier are which I figured I'd slide to the other side of the room once I'd tiled and grouted it.

In the meantime, I'll do the laundry while I'm installing the tile floor. Oh - but this seems like the perfect time for the washing machine to decide it just doesn't feel like draining the water out. (It had to decide that during the jeans and towel wash and not the underwear load.) So I have about 200 pounds of water and wet jeans in a washer I now cannot move. Lovely.

But wait - we needed to go to Portland to pick up the tile for the wood stove. OK - we'll deal with the washer when we get back.

Hmmm - I SWORE I left the front porch light on when I left today. Seriously? The power to the entire house is out. A call at 7:30 pm to the power company on a holiday will be productive I'm sure. (Actually it was.) By 8:30 they had a truck out here only to discover that somewhere along the line there was a leak and they need to dig it out to fix it. It can be anywhere from the main junction to the street. With 10 acres of forest in between. So the power guy did what anyone would do. He left.

At 2:00 am we were awakened by the sounds of little 'woofs'. Not big 'hey you can't do that here' barks which apparently are only reserved for Joe while hunting, but tiny little 'um - mom? dad? there are lights flashing around outside and I really think one of you needs to go out and protect us critters from them' woofs. I'm pretty sure Dudley thought that the deer had flashlights and he wanted no part of that.

So out goes Joe to talk to the crew who said they will get power to us by morning but are not sure what exactly is wrong with the lines.

Nevertheless, at 5 am we woke up and turned on some lights! Joe was able to take a hot shower for which he is most grateful.

The washer is still full of water and I am off to the auto parts store to get tubing that will fit on the tile saw pump! Brilliant idea - we'll pump it out with that and then decide if it needs to go to washer heaven or can be resuscitated.

And I still need to finish that list of stuff before Todd comes to visit.
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    emoticon I missed this until I was checking your SparkPage to see where you might be. I just love the way you write. I would love it if I could put words together the way you do. Hope everything works out before your company arrives. emoticon emoticon
    2001 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/1/2012 7:26:17 AM
    I hope your visit with Todd turned out ok. I seem to have those kind of trials and hilarity when company comes too!

    always good to read your blogs because I always smile.
    2005 days ago
    I'm not laughing at you...but I am laughing because you have such a way with telling a story!

    Hang in there dear!!! I'll bet Todd will understand if things are not ship-shape for his visit.
    2019 days ago
    Wow lots of activity! Thanks for sharing your blog, it made me look at my own spare bedroom (currently piled with all the summer clothes that are being packed away for winter) and other projects. And then to have no power in the middle!
    2019 days ago
    OMGosh! I know it is not funny but had me laughing. I hope you feel better and have an army of angels help you this week. Just think of all you will accomplish due to Todd's upcoming visit!
    2019 days ago
    Kind of sounds like the perfect storm! or is it just getting close to the holidays?? Thanks for the grin, I too "fwelt weewy weewy bwaaad" for the last week, still recouping. Good luck with the company! emoticon emoticon
    2019 days ago
    no last week
    2019 days ago
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