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Preparing for Grandma

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My grandmother is definitely 'up there' in age but she gets around really well and still loves to cook and bake.

I get on the plane Thursday and will be spending a week in Ohio for Thanksgiving break and I've been thinking about what my greatest challenges are going to be in maintaining my weight loss through the holidays. I've decided it's definitely going to be my grandmother.

I love her dearly, don't get me wrong. I also love her cooking. But she is so cliche- the typical type of grandmother that you would see on a sitcom. I can see it already- she is literally going to try to shove food down my throat. You mark my word!!
I won't be staying with her during my stay but I will be visiting her very frequently. I can smell her house already- fried apple pies, biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, cheese, smothered pork chops saturated in real gravy, mashed potatoes.
I've already warned her that I won't be eating much except for on Thanksgiving day, and I'm sure she heard me. But I'm not quite sure she really comprehends this.

So I'm practicing how I'm going to approach her, and possibly others, who want to feed me all the time (I love everyone but food always seems to be the center of attention when visiting).
This is the line I've come up with, and it definitely reflects my thoughts on food and eating.

"I appreciate the offer, but I only eat when it's necessary. I'm not hungry right now."

Truly, this is the mindset that I have adopted lately and it's been an extraordinary help. Before I reach for a piece of food, I think to myself, "Why am I going to eat that? Is it really necessary?" It's helped me to practice a more mindful awareness of food and why I eat.

So my game plan for Thanksgiving vacation is to only eat when it's necessary. I don't want to eat to socialize, or out of boredom. I don't want to eat because it sounds like fun or I haven't tasted something in a really long time. I'll certainly plan my meals to be foods that I will thoroughly love and enjoy and savor... but I don't want to spend my entire vacation eating (like I normally do!).

So that's it for now. Only time will tell if I can practice what I preach. And I think I'm going to call my grandma one more time to remind her that she doesn't need to cook a bunch of food to prepare for my arrival!
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  • CAMAEL100
    That is a great mentality. Food pushers are one thing but your grandma is only doing what her generation saw as the best way to show affection. So it is good to have your strategy prepared in advance so that you don't snap and upset her unintentionally. I do like the way you plan in advance for situations that may throw you off course. It is the best way!
    2017 days ago
    emoticon food pushers and people who remember the old you might have a hard time getting used to your new habits but it sounds like you have a great way to respond!
    2017 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/14/2012 4:29:15 AM
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Sounds like you have a great game plan, the very best of luck, you got this!

    2018 days ago
    Sounds like my large Italian family. Food is love!

    I think emphasizing that you are not hungry is teh way to go. And I found that if I share how wonderful the things I do eat are, it goes a long way. (I come from a long line of bakers. You better believe I look forward to that one slice of chocolate/raspberry/gauche cake. I sit with my great aunt and savor every little bite and tell how every bite reminds me of holidays past and my Nonna.)
    2018 days ago
    Stand tough. While it is the job of parents, grandparents, etc. to "force" our children to eat, we also respect restraint and courtesy. So she may repeat herself and push her concern you are "too skinny". But inside she is totally impressed with your smart decisions. Keep the faith.
    2018 days ago
    I think your planned response for when offered food is perfect!! I give you major credit for having the forethought to come up with something to help you handle those situations that will inevitably come up.
    2018 days ago
    I agree with the others and say enjoy your time with your granny:) Mine is gone and how I miss her...:( Just keep busy, talk alot, and see if you can find fruits and veggies to snack on. emoticon
    2018 days ago
    It sounds like you've got a solid plan in place and I'm sure everyone will enjoy your company even if you're not partaking in all the goodies. Vacation with my family is pretty centered around food as well, so I know how challenging that can be. Good luck and enjoy your holiday!
    2018 days ago
    Great game plan. My family is pretty understanding, so I don't have that big of an issue. But it still comes up. I get the " I know you are on a diet, but you have to try this" First I want to scream, IT'S NOT A DIET!! And then I want to tell, no I don't HAVE to try it. I will not cease to exist if I do not try your dish. But I always settle with, I will try it later, and just never do lol.
    2018 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Enjoy, have fun and keep Sparking! emoticon
    2018 days ago
    Oh lord, sounds just like my grandmother! Be prepared for her thinking you're too skinny!

    But I love your prepared response, simple and true.
    2018 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    I use to have that issue too years ago, as so many show their love through food.

    The last few times when gathering and my siblings knew that we cleaned up our food choices and know that I worked hard to lose the 70+pounds. But have struggled with my last 20 pounds. Now they question whether I should be eating at all. Mocking me, as they lick and smack their lips as they devour everything in sight gasping for their next breath and seconds. I would look at their larger 300 pound bodies and know I am OK today. That it isn't worth undoing all the hard work I have done in my life changes. I will not go back to that.

    Take grandma out for a walk and have a heart to heart with her, holding her hand and loving on her. She will understand and love you just the same.
    2018 days ago
    Great plan!! emoticon
    2018 days ago
    I only eat when I am hungry, never just to socialize. We have all kinds of food events here in my senior citizens apartment building. I go to some of them but rarely eat anything that is served. I make sure I am not hungry when I go or I will take an apple. They are used to me now and have almost quit offering me goodies. My quick comeback is 'no thanks, I'm trying to quit' . It always gets a laugh.

    Good luck with Grandma and have a nice holiday.
    2018 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Focus on spending time with her - I wish I still had my gramma and my grandmother! Keep your hands busy helping her (if she'll let you) and get her talking about her life (so she won't notice you're not nibbling). Make the visit all about time with her and much less about the food.
    2018 days ago
    Good luck! I have the same problems with my Mother sometimes. She is one of my woprst food enablers. I try to explain, and I get back "You can't diet all the time" and "Oh give youself a little time off and enjoy" & "Oh, a couple of days's isn't gpoing to kill you" & "But you LOVE my pumkin bread/homemade mac & cheese/sage sausage with mashed poatoes"
    There is validiaty to the idea of taking a break and enjoying a treat or two, but I see her too often and for the Holidays spend too many day's there to always's have a Food Holiday when with her.
    2018 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/13/2012 9:53:52 AM
    Good luck fending off Grandma. have a good holiday.
    2018 days ago
    Have a happy and fun time and enjoy... I see what you mean, married into an Italian family.... oh yeah!
    2018 days ago
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