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Two week check in

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Okay, it's been two weeks since I went back to tracking and trying to make some changes.

Meat--I have cut back on my meat. I still have a lot of venison in the fridge, so I've been using it for some meals, but most of my meals are vegetarian.

Sugar/artificial sweeteners -- none for two weeks! No nasty headaches either...yay!!!

Sleep--for the most part, I've been getting 7-9 hours of sleep at night and except for a couple times when I 've been called in during the late evening/night, I've done good about no caffeine after noon. Progress!

Areas still needing work...
Exercise! I did make it on the treadmill...once. I need to check to see where it's out of balance or if something's loose since I had to cooerce it through a narrow doorway.

Steps. I've been getting some steps in, but only about half of my daily goal. Getting on the treadmill or going out walking will help with that. For some reason, I don't get a lot of steps in while picking up pecans...duhhhh.

I have managed to lose 5 pounds. Yay! Still have 10 to go to get where I was at the start of May.

One good thing about tracking, I can see which foods I get plenty of and which I need to increase. Even without meat, I'm still getting plenty of protein. Need to increase the water a lot more and the veggies a bit more.

A couple things I'll be trying this fall: pecan butter instead of peanut butter...I've got the pecans, so why not? Sweetpotato chips (no salt added). I'm not sure how smoothies wiith tofu freeze, but will find out. I've got several 5 gallon buckets of pomegranates to juice and some blackberries to mix in with them for a smoothie "base."

I'll check in in another two weeks. This not having internet for my home computer has definitely put a damper on my sparking, but I do it when I can...

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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