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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So, on the 3rd day of my new No Mindless Eating in the Evening streak, I had a somewhat stressful day at the office, didn't eat enough during the day, was tired - all set up for a binge...
Just before leaving I got a phone call from DH which upset me (nothing big but I got emotional), so by the time I got home we didn't talk but sulked, I felt alone and empty, and there was nice fresh bread in the kitchen. Ooops.
Remembered to count my triggers: 6 out of 9.
So I went to the bedroom, meditated for 10 minutes.
Then made oatmeal with oranges. Typical breakfast meal, but very safe: delicious, warm and filling but doesn't make me want more.
Then stayed in the kitchen with DD while she made her own dinner, chatting and eating a handful of tortilla chips while oats were simmering.
After the oats I tracked my dinner in the Nutrition Tracker, I was at the low end of my range, so cut a small heel of the fresh bread and ate it - and that was it.

I stopped an imminent binge!
That's success for me, because once I'm in the emotional state that turns on the overeating behavior, I rarely manage to step back and just not do it.
My reward was feeling good and being proud about myself, instead of bloating, sleepiness an bad mood after overeating.

Another thing I never was able to stop was crying.
In pre-Spark times I was often tearful, 2-3 times a week or so, usually weeping in the car on the way home from work, feeling miserable and unhappy.
And once I felt I was going to cry, I couldn't stop it, sometimes resulting in awkward social situations.
Now I don't cry. Maybe once every 2-3 months.
A few weeks ago I got myself emotional, and felt I was going to cry... and I told myself no, I don't want to, and I just didn't cry. This was the first time in my life I managed to do this, so I'm glad now I have improved my control over my negative emotions.
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