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What a Life

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanks for all the lovely comments, dear friends!

Yeah, I went from one extreme (sleeping all the time) to the other (not sleeping at all) in such a short time that I think my brain has whiplash! LOL I've even been forgetting to take my insulin again--and it's been quite a while since THAT happened! I went off the Prilosec for two days, and immediately started sleeping 5 to 6 hours again... suspicious timing, huh. I STILL think that BP medication is behind it all with that "d%^&*" cough...
Since my xrays were clear, no gunk in my lungs, no blockage of vital passageways, no fluid in the lungs or around my heart... My doctor sent me to have a special breathing test. Imagine sitting in a round plastic airtight tube with your nose plugged and nothing but a tube to breathe in through your mouth... a claustrophobe's nightmare! Had to keep my eyes closed through most of that part... creepy. I panicked a bit the second time through--we did four sets. I think I did pretty well, considering! LOL I did end up with cold symptoms (sinuses and a sore throat, etc) for a day afterward: All the breathing of dry air through my mouth just sucked out the moisture.

It reminded me of the old days, when I lived in Eastern Washington's desert-like summers... the aching face, the unquenchable thirst, that certain metallic taste of blood in the back of my throat... Yuck. Still have a tiny bit of residual dryness... I'll be glad if it rains again, now! LOL

I was washing dishes this evening, and happened to glance over to the slider in my kitchen... Amigo was sitting there, and I had a shock. I didn't realize just how BIG he's gotten! LOL He looks so different now from what he did when I moved in... he's actually bigger than either of my other two. Licorice is petite... his skull is about the size of my fist, and I wear children's gloves. In fact, he is the smallest male I've ever had, and there have been at least four of them who grew old and passed on in my care... Isis is bigger than Licorice--he's taller, but she has the same sized skull and a stockier, more muscular build and is a bit on the chubby side. She outweighs him by a pound and a half or so. I can't get Amigo on a scale, but I'm guessing he probably outweighs Isis by at least as much as she outweighs Licorice. He's got a tiny bit of a tummy (which I love seeing, because winter is coming and he's going to NEED that bit of extra insulation!), and his head is at LEAST an inch bigger in circumference than either of them...

The neighbor who lives across from my front door happened to see him with me the other day, and asked me when this new cat had shown up, and if I'd given it a name yet. She didn't even recognize him as the same cat! LOL I know what it is she saw, now. He really is totally different... and he keeps himself cleaner than before. VERY important for a cat that is primarily white! LOL

I went to the laundromat today, possibly the last time with Brian... he's leaving the day after Thanksgiving, It will be "us" having one last holiday with his parents, before he takes off. It's quite possible he won't see them again, since his mom is in pretty poor health. She keeps telling us she doesn't expect to see another Christmas after this year. Depressing, the way she talks...

His parents aren't doing that well financially right now either, and Brian paid for all the groceries while his fiancée was here, so I'm buying all the food this time. I've got everything except the potatoes and the turkey, and I'll pick them up when it's a little closer to the actual date... it's been kind of fun. I really love his parents, almost as much as I love my own. I'm really going to miss watching them tease him every year!... I'll still drop by now and then. They are family to me too, even if I don't go there very often. (If I'm sick even a little, or even suspect I might be, I can't go there--his mom gets so much as a cold, and it could easily take her... she barely breathes now.)

I just hope she doesn't get upset again about his leaving. She complains a lot, but I know she's especially attached to him (her youngest, and the only one of her sons who ever spends time with her)... it should be an interesting visit!

She recently made me a lovely little lap blanket, a diagonally striped crocheted lap blanket in various shades of green and aqua alternating with white--perfect, actually, my bedroom is in white and turquoise, and it blends in beautifully! A "just because" gift... my favorite kind! LOL

It feels like Christmas every day right now. I'm just enjoying my life, even with the ups and downs... like, running out of light bulbs because one at a time, six of them have blown out over the past three days! And Brian's first pay check is the 23rd... I have candles on the dining room table... just in case. LOL

Well, time to call it a day... right, it's after 11:00pm and it has been a DAY! LOL

Goodnight, dear friends, thanks for all the loving support!

Be well.
Kathy emoticon emoticon

P.S. Almost forgot to tell you all--a friend brought me the ROSETTA STONE, and I'm learning Korean--so I won't have to read the subtitles any more! LOL It's fun and interesting, and it's been about a week and I'm already on Lesson 4...

안녕히 계세요 (that's an nyeong hee ggay say oh-- aka goodbye! LOL)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Kath!
    I just sent a long comment and POOF! It's gone.
    I'll try to remember:
    I've been thinking of you a lot recently - and I'm thrilled to hear you're OK and getting on with your life quite nicely (Korean???) I didn't remember that Brian was leaving day after Thanksgiving. Are you OK? Where did he go? Will he come back? I honestly don't remember all the details......my drugged up brain has about 20% recall!

    I love that Amigo as defined you as 'MOM' ..... what a triumph! I miss my kitties --- but a the moment, Lucy is all I can handle......and I'm so grateful for her.

    Do stay in touch with Brians folks, if that what you want. One of my greatest regrets was losing my ex-hubby's family-whom I grew to love very much. They were just ripped out of my life when we divorced.

    And finally----I love that girl in the photos. She's still here ---- and always will be!!

    Best love and hugs.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2032 days ago
    good of you to keep up with Brian's parents his Mom seems lovely have a happy Thanksgiving hope you feel better soon
    2049 days ago
    I am hoping that your cough is a thing of the past soon.

    Amigo is doing well thanks to you. You gave him a reason to live. A family.

    I'm going to miss Brian even though I don't know him. And I feel sorry for his parents and I will worry about you too.

    2049 days ago
    LOVE it that you're learning Korean. My 2 kiddos are Korean adoptees. Wanted them to learn, but neither had any interest. You know . . . you can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink!

    2050 days ago
    Have a happy Thanksgiving Kathy, when is this exactly?
    2050 days ago
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