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It's a good thing I walked this morning.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The wind is howling around outside and the rain is pelting against the windows tonight as I'm sitting here on the couch writing my blog. It is absolutely miserable outside! It's a good thing that I went for a long walk with my dogs this morning before the storm set in. I`m going to do a little Zumba tonight after I finish treating my last cllient. That will be a great stress reliever to finish off my day.

My day on the whole hasn`t been all that bad. But I am a little irritated at one of my sister-inlaws today. She has a habit of making a mountain out of a mole-hill and made my husband make a near 2 hour drive to Toronto from our place through bad weather and traffic to attend to their father who, supposedly is on death`s door, so to speak. My husband then finds out that she hasn`t even arrived at the hospital from her job to attend to their father, and that their father isn`t doing as bad as she said he was. She did the same thing to the other siblings. They live and work in the city....but STILL. I don`t understand why she has to be this way. She is an administrator in a hospital, but yet she thinks that she knows everything in regards to their father`s health issues. I think not! She made my husband rush up to the city through nasty weather and crazy traffic all for nothing. What if he had gotten into an accident over this nonsense? What then? My husband is stressed out over his father and family and that, in turn makes me stressed. I'm not saying that he shouldn't tend to his family when there are problems. Family is important to me, too. But this business of 'crying wolf' all the time and expecting us to jump for every little thing has got to stop.

Oh well, enough ranting and venting. Today I tried a new recipe. I had never made gnocchi before, so I decided to try it. This recipe was in Cooking Light magazine and is called Browned Butter Gnocchi. I had subbed sweet potato for the regular potatoes and it worked out okay. It all tasted ok, but then I found it just didn't sit too well in my stomach. It sat in my stomach like a lead weight. Ugggh. I ended up scrapping the whole business. It just isn't worth the gut pain of eating it again. Oh well, it was something new to try and now I know not to make it again.
On a brighter note.... yesterday just had to be the most awesome fall day. The weather was a balmy 17 degrees Celsius (about 68 Fahrenheit) here in southwestern Ontario. I was up at 6:30 a.m. , and took Skeeter and Buddy for a long walk around town. Then I made breakfast for all of us and we got started on decorating our yard for Christmas. I'll have to get some photos of it and post them. It looks fantastic! I also got the rest of my tulip and crocus bulbs planted in the flower beds, so we're all ready to rock for the spring! My husband and I got a lot accomplished yesterday and we were exhausted by the end of the day. Heck, we still went for ANOTHER walk that night with our dogs. But we both felt awesome for doing it all. Cheers!! emoticon
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    No they haven't confronted her on it yet. They didn't get a chance to yesterday, since she didn't even show up at the hospital when everyone else was there. Her excuse for not showing up was that the traffic was too horrendous to get there after she finished work . Can you believe that?! After all the crap my husband drove through to get there?! My husband will be confronting her on the issue the moment he gets the chance....which will more than likely be this weekend, since we have to go to the city anyway.
    That is a good idea about contacting the nurses at the hospital directly, rather than taking her word in regards to things. I think we'll be doing that from now on. I just know that I really don't want to get involved in the matter, but I will speak up, too, if push comes to shove.
    You're right about the 'crying wolf' thing. If she does it too much, then the one time when it IS for real, noone is going to listen and then for sure there will be regrets. This is horrible.
    My husband surprised me last night and came home though. I wasn't expecting him until later today. He was exhausted but so happy to be home and in the only SANE place on earth right emoticon
    1985 days ago
    Has your husband and his siblings confronted their sister about her behaviour? Maybe next time she tries it whoever is her target can contact the nurse's station for an update on your FIL's status before rushing into another non-event, instead of just taking her word for it...especially since she has a history of crying wolf.

    Unfortunately this is a tough situation because if everyone ignores her there might come the time when it is real and they will end up with regrets.
    1985 days ago
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