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Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Monday Everyone!
I had a very unusual message on Face Book from a friend of a friend. The gentleman really liked my profile picture, which was me swinging on a clothes pole from 1954. I have to admit, the picture really brings happy memories of a time gone by. Its funny looking back at it, you hardly ever see clothes poles any more.
Any way, he recounted his own nostalgic times, and it was a pleasant exchange. Until I went to my home page this morning, and found that there was real criticism about some of my choices, including meditation, enjoying my horoscope, Oprah, political views, etc.
At first I was offended, then I was defensive. Then I stopped to think that everyone is entitled to their opinion.
It was amazing to see my reaction to this person's views. Here was a perfect stranger telling me that my likes and views were sinful. This person knows absolutely nothing about me yet had these very strong views about my life.
I know that in the scheme of things this is irrelevant. Yet I can't seem to shake it. All I have to do is unfriend this person...
I think what it comes down to is that no one has the right to to judge you. I work hard to not be judgemental, and from this day forward I will work harder to make it a point never to be offensive to anyone else.
This is a lesson that I thought I already knew, but obviously I needed to be taught once again.
Thanks for always being here, and listening. You are always close to my heart sparkers.
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  • 67YKCEB
    oh my goodness!! I am so sorry that you meet a jerk. I will never understand people. Why is it ok for them to live the way they want to live but you can't? What is wrong with us (people)?? What are we so afraid of? That kind of stuff bothers me.
    I've had people on face book that I've unfriended because we were at opposite ends of things and I was the one who was wrong. I have no problem with their thinking or their way of life. But when they started telling me how wrong I was for posting something that I believe, I had to unfriend them. And now there aren't' any arguments on my page.

    2019 days ago
    Sorry you had such a bad experience. There are lots
    of odd people out there and one found you. Hope it
    all blows over. HUGS!
    2019 days ago
    Live your highest sense of right. The Bible tells us to not bear false witness. He is speaking false statements so do not get sucked in to his falsities. You are beautiful and live and move with purity of thought. Wash yourself clean by living and being the loving lady you are. You are appreciated for YOU.
    2019 days ago
    I cannot believe some one would do that! He liked your picture, then went on to criticize your likes and choices. I would definitely block him and set your facebook to private. All they can see then is your basic info and profile pic! I had a few wierdos and that is why mine is set to private! It is wrong for him to make you feel that way. Yes he has a right to his opinion, but it was very rude for him to comment on your page about it. You were not offensive in any way! It is YOUR page, YOUR likes, YOUR dislikes, YOUR opinions! Who cares if someone does not like YOUR page. They shouldn't look at it if they don't like it and leave their comments elsewhere! Do not feel like you did something wrong and don't let this jerk get to you. You are a wonderful person! emoticon
    2019 days ago
  • PATTYR81
    I don't see anything whatsoever that you did to offend anyone.

    However, THAT person did a whole bunch of offensive stuff!!!

    I gently suggest that everyone has the right to be themselves as they see fit and are entitled to their own opinion.

    Everyone also has the right to avoid/stay away from/ignore boorish people that inflict their unwanted opinions on others.

    You don't have to change anything! Don't waste another second thinking about this loser!!
    2019 days ago
    Wow - there are some unhappy people out there, who want to spread their unhappiness. I guess it makes them feel better.

    But yeah, unfriend that toxic person!!!!
    2020 days ago
    Aww, you are too sweet! I can't even imagine anyone thinking you "sinful."
    2020 days ago
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