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Sunday, 11/11

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi all,

I have been as busy as possible the past several days--and this coming week has potential to be even more busy because of some appointments and the reading night for families that are added to my schedule. I can do it, but I also have to work on my "final project" and that big assignment that are coming due for my class. Our professor changed due dates for both of those items and that will work out for me in a positive way. My project will be due a couple of weeks early--but I know what the topic is and all I have to do is decide on the group participation activities that will go with it. I am leaning towards a couple of activities I do with students and I think it will be a good and an eye opening activity for the teachers in my class. I would like to recommend the article to any of you who are interested in the topic of poverty. The article is called "Effects of Inequality and Poverty vs. Teachers and Schooling on American Youth" and can be found at: http://www.tcrecord.org/Conten
It is a lengthy article, but the content is strong and talks about some of the real problems we face in schools with high numbers of children in poverty. It took me several readings because the print is small, and of course, I was going through some major problems with my vision.

Speaking of my vision, my eyes are in the act of "starting over." My right eye has been 20/20 since the surgery. My left eye was given a lens to help me to see close up and it is not nearly as good as the right--it was at around 20/50. However, it can see close up in a far better manner than the right. the big issues I am now having is that my brain needs to learn how to use both eyes together and that will happen slowly but surely. I will need some sort of glasses for reading because the left eye cannot read all things--like the Bible and the hymnal at church. Some print is just too small for the repaired vision to take on.

I had a tough week in many ways--we will be having our reading day on Thursday, but I absolutely backed out of things, except offering my presence to help do crowd control. I could not take on any of the prep work because I simply do not have any daytime time to do anything like phone calls. I am busy with children for every minute that children are at school and can participate in academics. Anyway, this is one of those weeks when I have double activities on multiple evenings--except they are scheduled in a way that I cannot do voth of them.

I may have to miss my weigh-in this week and that worries me. I gained a pound this week. That doesn't surprise me--not because I did any extra eating or less exercising, but because I had lost weight for each of the past nine weeks in a row. I figured that there was going to be a "leveling out week" coming my way, and this week was as good as any for that to happen. I am as on track as I have been and know that our body has to do the things it needs. However with less than 6 weeks until my hip replacement, I need to keep seeing that scale move downwards.

On that same topic, I am not making much progress to get the big ticket items ready for my surgery. I haven't been able to find a reading teacher who might sub for me. I haven't made a lot of headway on my holiday plans mostly because these cars in our lives continue to be not working correctly and they are costing a small fortune to fix. I have a lot to do around the house, but between my class and my job, that is hard as well. Add in my cataract surgeries that have taken a lot of attention lately and I am simply behind the eight ball. I did talk to my orthopedist's nurses on Friday and got a few answers to questions. That helped me a bit. I may be able to avoid the sub thing if I can get my doctor to let me work half days after holiday break, so I am going to ask him when I see him next.

This week, I have an appointment for my final hip injection on Tuesday with my anesthesiologist/ pain doctor. I also have class and reading night which conflict with my daughter's play and my weigh in. I don't like what I have to choose over what means the most to me this week. Maybe I can find a way out of some of what I don't want to do over what means the most to me. I am going to try to make that happen. All I can do is do my best given what this week has dished out.

It is time for me to get ready for work. That is also a new addition to this year. Our school district is actually working on Veteran's Day. I have a few moral issues over that, but they must have went through all of the hoops they must go through to keep school in session during a federal and state holiday. I am sure the argument is that the kids would celebrate it better in school than the majority of them do at home. I don't think we should be able to do this, but it is my guess that having a school year that ends on Friday is what has driven them. (Hmm, all of that will go away if we have just one snow day in the coming winter season...)

Have a great Monday--I have a lot to accomplish and each day will be packed full with a lot to do as the next several weeks unfold.

Gentle hugs,
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    yes, you are a busy one! I know how that is! LOL I see the need to make a list and start prioritizing to get those things checked off one by one!
    2048 days ago
    It seems like you have been school forever. I remember those days well when I worked as a nurse. For some reason I thought after graduation from college that my education was mostly done but I had to start back to school for specialty training within a couple months and it continued.

    I hope the vision challenges are resolved soon.

    It sounds like you are having to donate too much to teaching and don't have enough personal time.

    Illinois always has some snow days. It's hard for me to understand why they gave up Veteran's Day when others might have been more appropriate.
    2048 days ago
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