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More Than the Nutrition Seminar

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I proposed that today I'd write up the nutrition for runners seminar I attended yesterday. The instructor was interesting and passionate and most of what she said about eating before, during, and after running is similar to what I've read on SP. She fixed us a smoothie with almond milk, frozen banana, chia seeds, and lots and lots of baby spinach. Not bad. Then she had us try the same smoothie that had Old Fashioned Oats (uncooked) and slivered almonds that had set in the frig for 12 hours. Again, not bad. She then had a chocolate oatmeal with raw peanuts which also had some of that same smoothie in it. I regret that I failed to get the exact recipe. She had them there, I just neglected to pick it up.

After the seminar I went to the bookstore and bought the book Eat to Live, which the presenter has recommended to me several times. I've read the first chapter and skimmed it. I will say it makes me feel better about the food plan my nephew is following as it is very similar. Just not sure about it for me, though. I'll read it and think about it and maybe later I will try this food plan. We'll see. Right now I'm focused on my half marathon on the 18th and not going to risk changing anything right now!

I bought a disposable camera because there were no pictures of Gwen since Easter and I just haven't decided on a digital camera yet. I didn't do very good photography, but at least my mom can see that Gwen has grown. She has a beautiful smile I did not capture, but she's so cute (yes, I'm biased) I'm just glad to have them. Natalie is quite photogenic, but I have two sets of professional school pictures of her since Gwen had a picture at all. Yes, I should have remembered to take a picture of my remodeled kitchen since SparkFriends had asked, but I forgot. Sorry. Maybe soon.

Gwen holding Natalie's hand:

Gwen channeling Chopin:

Gwen and Natalie on couch:

Gwen jumps on bed with Natalie helping to keep her safe:

Natalie on back porch (sideways??)

Hope all the little kids in your life have recent pictures!! Eat well! Feed the kids well! It's a challenge, but definitely worth it.
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