Dropping some pounds here!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

WooooHooooo! My scales have made me very happy today!

Thank you to all my sparkies (especially the girls at the castle!) who convinced me that I needed to change up how I was eating!

My observations from the past week...
1. Seriously restricting calories below a certain level DOES NOT make me lose weight!
2. Atkins Induction Phase is not that hard for me to follow.
3. Atkins Induction Phase will make me lose weight.
4. Atkins Induction Phase is a lifestyle I can easily maintain for the foreseeable future, and actually the rest of my life.

I am exactly 30 pounds from my goal weight and got into one of my pairs of size 12 jeans today with barely any muffin top!

Yes, life is good!
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