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November BSG - Luscious Lavenders - Week 2 - Blog : My Favourite Hobbies

Saturday, November 10, 2012

So gone into week 2 for November Buddy Support Group with Aspire and Inspire spark group. And this week's topic is our favourite hobbies. It was to name just one of our favourite but i can't really choose lol.

Aithley's Hobbies include:
~ Jewelry making
~ Watching movies
~ Watching cooking programs / cooking and trying new things
~ Writing
~ Scrap booking
~ Collage making
~ Painting
~ Arts and Crafty stuff
~ Learning something new
~ Dancing



I have no idea how many beads i have to make jewelry with at home, I make necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, I have also made a few belts, but because of the time consumed in making those with beads i don't do it too often. I also make nice sets of a necklace with a pair of earrings and bracelet. I have 2 boxes full with many difference size transparent type tool boxes which have beads , different types of threads and all things associated to make it, i have jewelry trays to measure on side, i have a crochet needle to make loops in necklaces, i have pliers to close the holes for the rings and such things. But it has been some time i made something. I should get cracking, i plan to get to it when i am back home, and give them as Christmas gifts.


I just love it, i enjoy most genres of movies. And i do try to watch atleast 1 movie a week. Sometimes i am lucky and get to see 2 or 3. Some of my favourites include The secret garden, Angela Ashes, Harry Potter series, Sin City, Shrek movies, The Ruby Ring, Letters to Juliet, The Note book, Dear John, Fantasia set, I enjoy Steven King movies, and Freddy with Nightmare on Elm Street, I enjoyed Red Riding Hood the new horror version and Snow white and the Huntsman, 2 fairly newer movies. This often brings me peace and often laughter again.


I really enjoy Heston Blumenthal, I love his restaurant. You can view it here. It is called The Fat Duck, he really makes food from fantasy, it is an artwork what he makes at times, there are also ingredients you would never think of cooking with, but he makes it work. He has made bubbling chocolate fountains, Likable wall paper, reenactment of things you could find in the charlie and the chocolate factory, things with flames, and smoke, and its all edible. Awesome stuff. Jamie Oliver is also a good cook, his is somewhat more simpler to make and easier to follow lol. But i do like trying new things, i found few things on sparkpeople i have saved to my recipe box and will make when i get home. I really enjoy programs like Master Chef and Hells Kitchen aswell.


I enjoy writing, these blogs help me write too and get my feelings out, though i write some scripts, poems, stories aswell. But i enjoy the 2 writing / blog challenge i have now, the 100 day weight loss journey and journalling from the heart. Still have a long way to go though for both of them.


I guess this is a popular hobby amongst many women. But it is great. I like sorting out the photos and cutting out things from magazines of pictures i would like to add in my books and i have alot of accorted coloured pages and decorative pages, and ribbons, stamps, stickers and so much more , I have a big bag of things. It is a fun thing to do, just you one of those hobbies you really need time for. Which lately i do not have.


I guess this is similar to scrapbooking but only with magazines and news paper pictures and articles, i made a motivational collage for my weight loss journey, i may make a few more down the track, see how it goes, when the last one stops being motivational i guess lol. They are alot of fun, i guess its that cutting , assorting and pasting is what i like.


I like finger painting, on canvas, on ceramic art, on plastic for window stickers , on glass , well on anything i can paint on, I don't know what is it about painting but it makes you so calm, i prefer best to paint by a riverbank where it isn't a tourist area, so you have the peace and quiet of no one disturbing you. That is just fantastic.


I like making just about anything, from origami, to paper mache . I even like doing mosaic or making wooden name plates or making a decorative border for a plain mirror, or making and sending cards to family and friends, hand made cards are the best ones to receive i think. I just like getting my hands messy and dirty i guess.


I always like learning something new, it could be few words from a different language, how to do something new , or just information about something or someone, its always interesting to watch fun facts, I enjoy watching National Geography, Discovery and Investigation Discovery channels they always have something fun and interesting to watch, even in my profession there are times i learn something new, and even with sparkpeople i am often learning something new about this site or some fact for bettering health, just shows how much more in this world you can actually learn.


I love to dance, i enjoy zumba, ballroom, i used to do Jazz and ballet when i was young, i really enjoyed it back then, i guess when i stopped dancing and sporting all together that is where i gained my weight and with work, sitting and not much cardio, and ofcourse poor eating got me to where i am today, but i have picked up on zumba and some dancing now and then at clubs, discos and parties. Or just to play a daily GOYBAD ( get of your butt and dance) song. It is all fun

Come to think of it i surely have alot of things i like doing. There are other things Like family gatherings, going to discos , playing online games, i guess even sparkpeople can be a hobby, but these are things i do often so it isn't much of classed as a hobby but part of the daily routine lol.
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