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Post Hurricane Sandy update

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hey everyone!

If you didn't already know it from my Sparkname...I am from LI , a.k.a. Long Island. (That's the fish shaped island sticking out into the ocean that's part of New York State).

2 weeks later, I am finally finding the time to write a blog and give everyone an update on the whole thing. What the media has been showing about Long Beach and the Rockaways is all true...I can only imagine how NJ is faring.

There are other parts of LI that are pretty bad too and some are just getting power back now...12 or so days later....and some still might not get power until Thanksgiving. The other side of the devastation is on a bell curve...all resulting mental anguish: some have to rebuild their entire homes and on the flip side, anyone with even an inch of water is battling mold and replacing sheetrock and bleaching wood, and needing to replace boilers and hot water heaters because they were ruined by salt water...and then there are the people who not only have their homes flooded but have boats floating in their front yards from 2 towns over ! No joke. ALL are trying to right themselves.

I can't even write about it in detail because it would become a book instead of a blog.

My house and family, and extended family too, fared very well with only power outages that extended about 6 to 7 full days. We all helped each other out: eating chili together, sharing freezer space, keeping the elders warm by the fireplace. Ahh, family togetherness at it's best, that does start getting old after about the 4th day....mainly for the people "without", but also for the people "with" because all we want for them is for things to get back to normal and for them to not hurt. But the people "with" totally understand the predicament and let's face it, it could have been a whole lot worse for everyone, including us...and we count our blessings time and time again...and then we help out some more.

Is there "survivor's guilt" going on all over Long Island? bet.

There is this fog that everyone is in here. It's like we lost a week of our lives. Halloween? yeah, we did it - for the kids. Others postponed it and did it as a trunk and treat at the school parking lot...those who had enough gas to get there.

Did I even mention the gas shortage here? It was very "Mad Max" for a while. Desperate people trying to fill cans to fill generators. Cars needing to be pushed into the gas station after the car ran out of gas while waiting on a 3 hours line. Fist fights. Good times..good times.

Thank god things like this are getting better with even and odd gas days (i.e.. you go get gas on the even day of the month if your car license plate ends in an even number) and now that power is being restored more rapidly and that the gas is actually getting delivered to stations.

Back to the mental fog I mentioned before.

I am in the grocery store today and I see a few elderly people from the neighborhood. So I asked how they fared - the usual answer is power lost and fridges and freezer contents thrown out. But the answers today were followed by that they got very depressed about everything....from the lights going out, to depending on others, to seeing the aftermath, etc. etc.

It was something I wasn't expecting to hear from these people.

So I can only IMAGINE how the people without homes, electricity, etc. in the most devastated areas are feeling.

These thoughts have been mulling around in my head the last few days and then I happened to read in the local paper that post-traumatic stress was going to be very high in the next few months here...and in varying degrees.

No kidding. I see it and hear it when talking to the most upbeat of people. Heck, I feel it in myself!

I helped a newer friend of mine clean out her lower house level yesterday...and brought my radio, some hot chocolate and a smile. She thanked me just for being there to distract and listen and for my hugs and support. Sometimes just doing a little can mean the most to someone who is hurting.

So Sparkfriends...that is my quick update from Long Island. Help out any way you can....the entire NY, NJ, CT, PA and WV region was hit pretty bad and if you can reach out and donate anything to an organization to help...please do it.

In the meantime....keep on Sparking.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers! I'm in SC and we get hurricanes (we've been lucky these last few years and haven't had a really bad one, thank goodness) I can't imagine having one and then having to deal with the cold weather on top of that! Our weather is a lot warmer here. I hope things are getting better for y'all. Take care!
    2010 days ago
    Thanks for the update! I have been wondering how you have been and totally understanding why you haven't been posting every minute of every day!

    Hugs, Friend!!
    2010 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. My prayers to all of you.
    2016 days ago
    So glad to hear your family is OK post-Sandy. I am so sorry about what everyone has gone through. As usual, I admire your upbeat and practical nature! Lots of hugs being sent your way!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2018 days ago
    Annie~ thanks for letting us know how you made out. I have been thinking about you and wondering if you were okay. We are originally from SI, so we have some friends who have not fared so well, but many others who primarily lost power. Take care. You are such a breath of sunshine that I know you will get through this. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2019 days ago
    I hope things get better soon for everyone. All I know is what I see on TV and my prayers are out to all who lost so much from Sandy. Every time I want to complain about the weather I remember the people on the East coast and how fortunate we are. Keep the Spark family updated.

    emoticon emoticon
    2019 days ago
  • SUSANS706
    We have family members in Broad Channel, who have lost everything. We were supposed to be coming up this week for a surprise party for my husbands cousin. We are devastated for them and everyone up there. We also have members out on LI too, who hopefully have power by now. My heart breaks for everyone, but New Yorkers are resilient, and will rebuild and be even better!! Prayers to everyone!
    2019 days ago
    Just sending you hugs - the aftermath of storms lingers, people are shell-shocked for a while, it eventually goes back to almost normal. So hang in there, and the fog will lift.

    (Been through major hurricanes in the Caribbean, so I know how you feel.)
    2019 days ago
    Thanks for the sister is in Queens and didn't even lose power, but she has many stories about her coworkers who are really struggling. Thank goodness you have your family blessed.
    2019 days ago
    we have been praying & giving. it is hard to seem happy when you know others are having it so bad. I cannot imagine in the cold & with out proper food . Our tenants in last years storm Lee had water past there windows, everything had to be ripped out the only thing left inside that home was the beams holding it up all walls had to be torn out.,we saw homes just float away.take care my heart aches for all of you.
    2019 days ago
    Thanks for the update! Glad to know you are healthy and alive !
    2019 days ago
  • LYNNA1968
    Annie pure craziness! I don't know how some are doing it other than auto pilot. My daughter is still out! Everyone is trying to be understanding but frustration is growing, I think part of that is continuously being told about "planning ahead" lol what could we have done to "prepare" emoticon emoticon . Glad your able to blog & I'll be thinking of your friends
    2019 days ago
    I am glad you are doing ok. It must of been very scary for

    I am hoping everything gets back to normal as soon
    as possible for people, though I realize that for some
    it will be a long and hard road.

    Take care and know that people are thinking of you guys
    and that we care.

    Kat from Canada
    2019 days ago
    So sorry to hear of all the destruction from Sandy. We live in Florida and always dread the Hurricane season. I can't imagine adding cold weather to everything else. Hang in there! Thoughts and prayers coming your way

    2019 days ago
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