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Saturday, November 10, 2012

And it's wearing smaller clothes.

This morning, I was lamenting online the size of my ironing mountain. It had been building for some time (you wouldn't believe me if I said since I came back from holiday five weeks ago, so I won't mention it) and contained a lot of summer clothes.

It also contained things that don't need ironing anyway.

So I got down to sorting through it and folding the non-ironable items and putting them away. And then I looked at what was left and it was still an awful lot.

And then I started to think, hard.

Lots of the stuff in the 'needs ironing' pile was summer clothes from my holiday. It's definitely not summer any more, so I'd normally be ironing them and shoving them in the back of the wardrobe. However they included two skirts and half a dozen blouses that were on the loose side six weeks ago. Also one pair of nearly new black trousers of the falling-off loose persuasion.

I took a deep breath and grabbed destiny with both hands.

I sorted out three piles:

1. things that I can still wear because they are small enough (oh how beautiful that sounds !) and will go under a winter jumper

2. things that are too big now and will be waaay too big come the spring but are still in good enough condition for someone else to wear

3. things in a dangerously embarrassing and knackered condition that I was still wearing because of the difficulty of finding anything I like to replace them. We've all got (ahem!) THAT particular tshirt, right?

Group 1 will get ironed this evening (promise).

Group 2 went to the charity shop at 2pm today, two WHOLE supermarket carrier bags full.

Group 3 went in the charity recycling bin. They recycle the fibres.

My wardrobe is three-quarters empty and I am limp and terrified. What HAVE I done?

If I put weight on now, I'll be going naked.

Don't get your hopes up guys. SparkPeople and I mean business.
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