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SparkCoach Action Plan - Nov 10th, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today's Action Plan is to blog about a diet saboteur in my life and then plan some things I can do to prevent this from becoming an issue in my life. So, here goes nothing:

I don't think I have anyone who is purposefully being a diet saboteur in my life. I was trying to think of people and I am probably my worst offender by giving in to my cravings sometimes. However, I'm sure there are times that other people don't help. Mervin is very supportive and is willing to try new recipes and things to see if we can get healthy foods in. Dad is always asking me what I'd like for supper before he cooks it and I always portion control it when I'm there. Kendra and Liam are my biggest supporters and are always making sure I eat enough and of the right things. They even feed me sometimes and measure everything for me so I can track it easily. Amanda doesn't eat any junk food or anything and sometimes is a great example because when I want something that's not great for me, she'll say no which reminds me that I shouldn't be eating it either. Lexi is willing to do anything that I want but now that she knows I'm on this journey she'd rather be doing something healthy with me than going out to eat so that's good. Tiffany is in the same boat I am so normally it's me who sabotages us. LOL. We do work out together though so that's good. So, what does this mean? Does this mean I don't have any saboteurs? Possibly. It could also mean that I just can't think of anyone. However, I am going to make a plan to deal with potential future saboteurs.

My plan is this. If they are trying to push food on me (like some family members do), I can remind them that I'm allergic to some foods and don't want to risk it or I can just say that I'm full and don't want any. If they are constantly eating stuff that I love but can't have in front of me, then I can either work on my self-control or ask them to stop. If that doesn't work, then I can just go away every time they eat it in front of me and they'll get the hint (hopefully). If they are jealous of my healthy living and are trying to sabotage me, I can let them know that this hurts my feelings because it means that they don't want me to reach my goals or they don't really care about me. Also, if they don't care or keep trying to sabotage me anyway, I'll probably need to get that person out of my life. So, that's my plan.
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