Running Streak So Far

Saturday, November 10, 2012

So far the running streak is going well. I am 9 days in, and on two days I walked instead of running, but besides that, I haven't misssed any days, and I'm feeling good. I think this has been really beneficial to reinforcing the mentality of at least getting in a small workout if a full-on workout isn't in the cards on a given day. It's also working well with my goal of getting faster, with the hope of running a sub-25 minute 5K in the spring. I'm reading The Art of Running Faster right now, so these daily 2-mile runs are a great chance to practice the tips from the book in a compact and manageable way.

Today I did 2.15 miles in 19:16, including a couple short walk breaks, without really pushing myself. I'm hoping by March I can complete that run at closer to 16:30. I think breathing is key, and I really want to focus on keeping my breathing controlled at this faster pace. Tomorrow I'm planning a long run around 8 miles at an easy pace because honestly, I miss the peace and quiet that comes with heading out with my dog for an hour-plus run. Then Sunday it will be back to the speed madness!
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