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Who the "F" shot John Cristow anyways? Photos!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I am 23 years old. I'm considered a young adult. I'm outgoing and fun. So guess how I spent my Friday, November 9th? If you think it was going to the club, or to a bar, or to some sort of party because that's what the typical 23 year old should do on a Friday evening you would be wrong. If you think staying home because I have a hang over from all the partying and drinking I had done the night before, once again wrong. So what did I do tonight?

I, Amber Nichols, was talked into going to a play. A Play? Why yes, a play. Don't get me wrong. I have seen quite a few plays and I have enjoyed them thoroughly. This one not so much. And to put make matters worse it was starring the IT Guy from my job. Let me tell you this little story.

My friend Carrie and I had jokingly told Kenny, IT Guy, that the next show his church put on we would go. Partly because Kenny isn't very popular at work. He's different. Not in a bad way, but he's kind of the butt of a lot of jokes in the office. So needless to say I make a point to be ultra nice to him. So this was one reason why I mentioned that I would be interested in his next play. Second reason, Carrie and I are awful people. We wanted to see how Kenny acted. If it was funny or over the top or awful or overly dramatic. We took it as a good laugh, and a reason for us to hang out outside of work, which we rarely do.

The Play was "The Hollow" by Agatha Christie. And it was awful. Absolutely dreadful. I don't even know how it ends. We broke out during the second intermission. You heard that, SECOND intermission, Carrie and I literally broke out of a church. Acting ourselves, we asked a kind older man, who was actually the director or this snore fest, where the nearest restrooms were so we could hide in there for a few minutes. On our way I noticed that there was an exit right before the restroom. I looked at Carrie and without a word hauled ass right out of that door, not looking back. Carrie stayed right on my heels. I couldn't take another hour. The Play started at 7:30 and I do believe Kenny e-mailed us around 11:30 to see how we like it. 4 Hours? I didn't deserve that much punishment. So I bid Farewell awful Murder Mystery. I didn't even care you killed John Cristow anyways! But seriously if anyone knows, feel free to comment who it was!

So besides the play and a brief dinner at a local Mexican Eatery that was my Friday night. Super Rad right? Best part about it? Pointing out the wigs in the audience. I think everyone else there was at least 40 years older than me. Ha.

I have been very busy the last couple of weeks. Between work and moving and Cory and family and exercise and hanging out with friends It's been absolutely insane. If you have read some of my blogs in the past you may have noticed me complaining about not having many friends. It's been that way for a while now and I know it may surprise you, but I have had major difficulties finding good female friends. I blame it on females in general. Drama tends to follow most ladies around. I tend to run the opposite way.

In desperate need of some kind of interaction with others I turned to the internet, Craigslist to be specific, and put an advert for friend and work out buddy. You would not believe the responses I received from so many people saying that They had difficulties finding good female friends also. Really? So it's not just me? I know that at least 20 girls contacted me. I ended up meeting 3 of them. Leslie I've become rather good friends with. She's awesome and funny and loud and awkward and we get along well, without being too much alike.

There's also Jenna and Becky. They are really cool as well, but Jenna lives a little further away and Becky works in retail so her schedule is uber crazy right now. But I have hung out with all 3 girls and I do like them! But you know what I've some to realize? Having friends can really cut into my workout schedule, plus I also noticed that girl's tend to talk a lot about wanting to work out and then just like to eat cookies and drink wine and gossip. This gets to me a bit. I would absolutely ADORE a work out buddy, but I think I might intimidate people with how much I work out and they don't want to workout with me because they're afraid they won't be on my level. Leslie flat out told me this the other day and I was really upset.

Don't tell me that you want to work out with me and get in shape, but then give up before we even start because you think I'm intimidate. No Sir! That's not fair and I will not have it. I will find a workout friend soon enough. I don't want to forever roam the workout earth alone! That's not fun at all!

I'm about to seriously pass out so I leave you with some pictures that I have taken over the past 2 weeks. Or at least have seem them on facebook. Check to memo to see who they are and where they're from!

Cory and I at the fair October 30,2012
We had such a good time that night! Shared a funnel cake and rode as many rides as possible until I just wanted to puke!

This is my niece's, sisters kids, fall pictures. They are so flipping cute that I had to share these.

Mariah, this is my girl! I love her smile in this picture!

Annabelle, the twins thought they were the bomb with their sassy new haircuts!

Abigail, I love how you can tell the difference between the twins when you truly look at their faces.

Marissa, this one right here. My first niece. She's 14 now! Fourteen and we're more like sisters. She's a heartbreaker though, just like her Auntee!

Davin, I melted when I saw this picture! Everyone says that this baby should've been birthed by me. And if you saw my baby pictures I'm sure you would agree.

Halloween Mariah, she was a werewolfette? lol

Halloween Davin, the cutest freaking bumblebee ever!

This is a picture that Cory took to "prove" to me that I wasn't fat anymore.

I was just excited about this picture. LOL

Cory and I Photo Reel!!

I have a lot more going on, but my eyes are getting on crusty and sleepy! I'll be sure to blog again soon!

So yeah until Next Time.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Workout friends are worth the effort to find.Every city I've lived in I found some and they have been friends for life. The stuff we saw each other through. And tell her (your friend) to meet you once a week if she's intimidated by your kick butt attitude. I usually try to go easy on people at first just to have the company. Then we knock up the intensity. I use meetup in my community to find runners or hikers. It is really safe and usually in big cities. Good luck.
    2001 days ago
    The kiddos are adorable!
    Your "not fat" photo is killer. Look atcha!
    I've come to realize that while I have some awesome girlfriends, the ones that would actually workout with me live half an hour to 4hours away. My closest pals in town are not into working out, but they would never keep me from it. They're actually very encouraging. I hope you can find someone that will at least be encouraging.
    2016 days ago
    I long for female friends that aren't retarded too. I have one.... and she's at least partially retarded, haha. She's the friend that will be real good for awhile and then start telling you she'll be at your place in 30 min, and then never show up. Things like that. I've known her for SO long, and I love her too much to give her up. No matter how many times we split, we always end up back together... it's one of THOSE relationships, haha.

    Just move to Saskatchewan. Problem solved!!

    You and Cory are too cute. Stop it!! I love that he took those pics to teach you a lesson. You look fantastic. It's hard to change the way you see yourself though, huh?? The ladies I go to classes with are always telling me how good I look and how much I have changed, but I don't see it at all. I think it's because of numbers, both on the scale and tape. I'm either measuring wrong or they're all nuts. And blind.

    I hope you find your workout buddy, and that things continue to be sunny for you!!!
    2018 days ago
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