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A little Told Ya, a LOT of MUD, then wind, bread, and back.

Friday, November 09, 2012


We are okay. Thank you for asking. Sorry for not checking in sooner. We were very lucky in the storm; our part of NJ did get hit pretty badly; quite a few people are still without power. We were fine - only lost power for a couple days (and we had candles and wine, so really....) no trees fell on my car, our basement didn't even flood all that badly. All that's down there are the water heaters, so we were without hot water for.. um. Less than a day. Then we basically got to have an extended party, because work had no power so I had almost 2 weeks off work, and friends from around the city still without power came over to charge their cell phones and hang out in a place with lights, play games, drink wine, watch movies, and let me play with their little DOG (and YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT LITTLE DOGS).

(Can I just repeat that for posterity? For three glorious days I had a little dog in my apartment. IT WAS AMAZING.)

Little Dog is too amazing to be captured on film!!

Little Dog washes the dishes. Aw.

We're very lucky. Of course my heart goes out to people who sustained serious damage to their homes, and are still without power.

We do have some family who had bad flooding in their home so we're heading out to help them clean up this weekend. But they are all safe and healthy, so really. It's fine.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY, how much does my butt weigh lately??? Is what we really should be talking about OF COURSE.

I totally get an I Told Ya So on the last blog post - I did go back up to 272, and 273, and 271, and on and on and on for the past, what, two weeks? but I've been bouncing around 270/271/269 since late last week, and this morning I was 268.5, which I am also not tracking on account of my I Don't Buy It, Dude relationship with my scale. But I'm headed in the right direction again.

But BEFORE THAT, I did in fact go to my first 5k. I do not say I "ran" my first 5k, because I personally consider much of the course that I did to be Un-Runnable, but it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

So much mud!!!!

I did "Run For Your Lives," which is a 5k race plus obstacle course, where zombies chase you. It was AWESOME. I went with two friends from work, and we had a BLAST.

The course was at a camp in Maryland, and somehow the magical designers managed to design a course that was more uphill than downhill (kudos!), and a lot was trails through the woods, complete with roots, rocks, and ruts gouged by rain over time. It was a prime ankle-breaker, is what I am getting at, so much of it we didn't so much "run" as "hike." One hill must have been close to a 40 degree angle, and it was LONG! It was so steep I could go on all fours without really bending over much. Amazing.

We started out in tunnels. They let one tunnel at a time, staggering the runners a bit (labeled Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert, hahaha), and when we came out it was around a corner, down a hill, and right into a field of zombies.

You wear flag football type flags, three of them, and the zombies try to grab them. Once your flags are gone you are "dead"/eaten by zombies. I never planned to survive the race, haha!

My goals were 1) finish the whole course
2) challenge myself to do some obstacles I really frankly do not have the upper body strength for. ...Yet!

That was it! I succeeded, better than I hoped for. I still had a flag after the first two waves of zombies, which was longer than I expected.

Obstacles included climbing over multiple ~4 & 1/2 foot walls (high enough that you had to jump and THEN hoist yourself over, and I'm pretty tall), crawling through a long tunnel built of boards and covered with plastic, jump in and cross a FREEZING COLD river (I just swam it, haha), crawl through mud under barbed wire, crawl through a tunnel, climb a huge scaffold up to a mud/waterslide, slide down and then climb out of the pool of muddy water, OH, and run and slide through a mud trench under a fence. Which was electrified. I don't have many photos of the obstacles, because for obvious reasons I didn't have my camera on me. But the hubs had it, and he got a few excellent snaps.

This of course, plus all the hills and various ditches and trenches along the way.

It probably took us around 1 & 1/2 hours to do the whole course, but it was incredibly fun. Three or four months ago, before spark and before running, I wouldn't have made it up all those hills. I was tired, and I was hating the steepest ones, but I only had to stop and rest ONCE, on the very steepest one, and I just stood for about one minute to catch my breath. I never felt like I needed to sit down, or like I wouldn't be able to finish the course. And I climbed over every darn one of those walls!! Once in the middle-ish I was exhausted and it took me 3-4 tries to get over. The people behind me waiting their turn, and my buddies, were amazing. They were like "YOU CAN DO IT!!" "I saw you do one earlier, you're amazing, you can totally get over that!" I pushed myself too, because they were cheering me on, and because no way was I coming home from that experience saying "remember that one wall I was too fat to get my big butt over?" NO THANK YOU. The zombies were all awesome and funny. They did chase you, but they made it fun. They were somehow encouraging and scary at the same time, haha.

It was an experience I never would have attempted, prior to about 4 months ago. It's something I would have sat back and said "gee I wish I were athletic, I wish I were the kind of person who could do this." Instead I said screw it, and work at becoming the kind of person who can do that. I won't win any time awards and I lost all my flags, but I did the whole course and all the obstacles, and not one person looked at me like "you're too fat, go home."

There were runners of all shapes and sizes and everybody was having a blast. If you've always wanted to do something like this? GO DO IT. You'll surprise yourself, amaze yourself, and be glad you did.

Huge loves to my buddies who did the race with me. I showed them the website back in June, thinking like I said "gee I wish I could..." Instead of saying can't, my one friend said "hey there's one on my birthday! I'll go with you." And there we all were. I wouldn't have done Couch to 5k without them, or without this race.


Plus now, someday, at goal weight, when somebody I haven't seen in years asks me "wow, what happened to YOU?" I can answer "oh, you know. Zombie apocalypse..."

So that was the race. We drove home to NJ on Sunday, and Sandy/Frankenstorm/Snowpocalyp
se/etc was supposed to hit Monday so we basically had time to get home, grab a few quick supplies, and hunker down! My work was closed that Monday through mid week this week, so I've been cleaning my apartment, reading books, cooking, then watching movies and sewing when the power came back on. Got a jump on my Christmas ornaments and finished 2 presents I've been working on forever.

I started tracking again, REALLY tracking, all my meals and snacks, on Monday. It's hard to eat right and track when you're cooped up in the house, can't go anywhere or get fresh veggies (there was a driving ban in the city, no non-essential/non-emergency driving, plus stores were w/out power anyway...), and doing things like baking bread and cookies for entertainment - we have a gas stove, so even without power we could still cook!

I just sucked it up this Monday. I just said, you know what? Enough. Time to get back to it.

Most of my bruises from the race have faded, so I'm going to see if my gym has power & normal operating hours, and get back to that too next week. Back to routine, here we go.
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    Again, I'm so glad you're okay.

    How much do I LOVE that you did that race? Seriously. I've been reading about them and I think it'd be so much fun!! Thanks for sharing pics. =)

    I've been so completely and utterly off track it's not even funny. I'm in the process of getting back on track too with tracking and working out. This week has still been a little tough and I'm riding out the weekend. But next week-NEXT WEEK-oh, man. It's ON!!! emoticon
    2017 days ago
    You are amazing. You rock. I'm so happy for you that you did and had tons of fun LOL. emoticon
    2018 days ago
    Wow, You Rock emoticon emoticon
    2018 days ago
  • LEB0401
    Glad you're ok!

    Awesome race!! Did you feel like you were in the Walking Dead the whole time?
    2018 days ago
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