The six best overreactions to Obama's win

Friday, November 09, 2012

If you have some kind of moral objection to political discussions - MOVE ON. You do not have the right or responsibility to inform me of what is or is not appropriate on my own blog. Any comments attempting to do so will be summarily deleted.

1. Neal Boortz -- "Obama a bigger disaster than Sandy. But media didn't create Sandy as they did Obama, so they feel free to report the destruction."

The death of America!
2. Victoria Jackson -- "I can't stop crying. America died."
Poor baby. Move to Canada. I'm sure you'll be happy.

3. Cincinnati Tea Party -- America committed suicide.

4. Rush Limbaugh -- It's the wimmin's fault. “He treats them like vaginas and they say he’s my man,” Limbaugh said on his show.

5. Donald Trump -- Bad hair, bad at math, bad at reading. "He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country."
Hmmm. 60 million is a lot less than 57 million in Trump's world. How did this man manage to amass so much money, because from everything I have seen, he's dumber than a bag of hammers.

6. Glenn Beck -- stock up on farmland and guns and move to red counties. “I won’t make a deal with the devil… I will tell you last week we purchased more farmland as a family. May I recommend if you have a chance to buy farmland, you buy farmland. If you live in the east may I recommend get the hell out of the east. Find a place where you are surrounded by like-minded people and the best way to find those people is, you should probably look at the maps on how counties voted… May I highly suggest you get grandfathered in to the second amendment today. Oh and don’t forget the ammunition.”


And a bonus from a crazy wingnut Freeper (Free Republic poster.)

Today, I instructed my wife to prepare for post Obama election by doing the following:

1. Close out our bank accounts, checking accounts, savings account.

2. Eliminate and exist from all medical service programs, insurance, and destroy all medical records and ID numbers.

3. Destroy and toss all cell phones.

4. Take out and smash all black boxes in our vehicles. Will put on the road my 69 mustaang.

5. Cut up all credit cards and call to stop all transactions.

6. Call and stop propane gas shipments, will now burn firewood. Already have more than 500 cord stacked as a backup.

7. Buy only the bare necessaities and pay all bills with a money order.

8. Plan all travel areas, use back roads to avoid TSA agents.

9. Do not use landline telephone only in an emergency.

10. Call and turn off Direct TV.

11. End all computer web services.

12. Build a gate at the end of our driveway and keep it locked. Inform all friends and relatives to call first prior to a visit so the gate can be unlocked.

13. Get involved more heavily with local Tea Party to establish a third party, no more money to the GOP under any circumstance!

The list may be updated to include other more secret actions that the government need not know about here!
So, if all the right wing nutjobs think America is over, can they leave and start their own country?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • DALID414
    2763 days ago
    These poor nut jobs! I pray for the mental health!
    2763 days ago
  • no profile photo SKEPCHICK
    Yeah, really. These overreactions just show how out of touch some Republican supporters are.

    I am still celebrating the dodging of the Romney bullet. Not flagrantly. More taking the form of waking up every day, checking the web, and being quietly glad about how Tuesday went. I got almost everything I wanted and a few things I didn't know were on the menu. Yay for everyone who voted, and thanks!
    2763 days ago
    Too funny!!
    2764 days ago
    Lol this is funny emoticon Some people take this thing too serious. He has already won and there's nothing anyone can do about it. JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!!! I love Obama and always will. ST LUCIA FOR OBAMA!!!!!!
    2764 days ago
    I love how he "instructed" his wife. Give me a break. Thanks for the post!!
    2764 days ago
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