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Friday, November 09, 2012

Good Morning all,

Sorry been a couple days, been busy getting stuff done around here. Been getting my 30 minutes each day while at school. I was up this week .8 lbs. Not too bad, I was hoping my loss was continuing but TOM thought otherwise. Last night was interesting, Evie came in my room at 2 in the morning because she vomitted in her bed (I have a feeling it was something she ate as oppsed to bug) so I clean it all up got her situated and went back to bed, 3 minutes later the dog vomitts in my bed, luckily it was just on the comforter so easy to take it off and throw in the wash, what a night.

Well my dr had to cancel my appt yesterday due to family issues. She sent me a note wanting me to up my dose of prilosec and follow guidelines for GERD. I sent her a note to let her know I did some reseach, what I thought it was and about the iburprofen. She is testing me for the H Pylori, she sent me the lab form for a blood test so I will do that today. Then if positive will we start an antibiotic. We are going to give it a couple weeks on the higher dose of prilosec and possible the antibiotic, if the pains/nausea don't subside she is sending me for ultrasound and/or endoscopy.

I think that is about it...Have a great weekend friends!
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