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Safe starches - not for most of us

Thursday, November 08, 2012

That is my conclusion after doing some additional research on Ron Rosedale's blog.
The reason is this:
While I believe that so-called "safe starches" are not as toxic as grains and beans and sugar, they will still raise insulin-levels and raised insulin levels always lead to fat storage and inhibit fat burning. Anyone who is overweight or obese or has a tendency to become overweight has probably been exposed to enough fructose and glucose from their diet (even if they eat low-carb now) that they are to some degree insulin-resistant and leptin-resistant. I had my personal example of this when I found out yesterday that my daughter's H A1c blood test came back at 5.7, right on the border to pre-diabetes. She has been eating no grains or beans and far less sugar than most kids her ago for the last 8 months and her weight is normal, her body fat percentage lower than average. But the occasional chocolate bar or larger serving of fruit or dairy must have been more than what her body needs.
Rosdale argues, convincingly, that there is a direct correlation between long life expectancy and low carbohydrate consumption.
The other disadvantage of consuming more than about 50-60 grams of carbs/day is that you lose the advantage of not feeling hungry or having any cravings for food, something that really helps with weight loss and weight maintenance.
So for anyone planning to experiment with adding safe starches to their plan I would suggest to have an H A1c test done to make sure that you are not in or very near the pre-diabetic or diabetic range.
If you are considering adding safe starches because you feel hungry this could be because your carb levels had not been low enough (under 50 grams/day or even lower for some) or your protein levels were too high and/or fat levels too low. It is also possible that someone is not feeling great on ultra low-carb because they are not fully keto-adapted, a process that can take between 2- 6 weeks, depending on the person.
I learned the hard way that every time I am out of ketosis (as I am at the moment) that even once I am back in ketosis it takes several weeks until I get all the benefits of increased energy. I'll really try to stick with it from now on, even if I get sick.
There are individual differences of course but I think they may not be as big as I used to think.
Here is Ron Rosdale's blog on this issue :
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  • RUSSELL_40
    I agree Birgit, and am cutting protein a bit, and upping fat. I couldn't find the Rosedale diet book, but having it shipped to me.I can't go above 40 net carbs without hunger, and weight gain. I think safe starches is just another attempt to get people to do a "low carb" version that does not work. If enough people fail at low carb, the SAD doesn't look so sad ( pun ).

    The other interesting part of yesterday's blog was Dr, Cate Shanahan's diet. She has her patients on a 30-70 total grams of carbohydrate diet. How many people, and what are the results? How long have they been eating this way? Wouldn't that be something to convince others to do a controlled study with the same parameters?

    1992 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/9/2012 9:12:14 AM
  • ERIN1957
    I so agree keeping carbs under 50-60 I believe is ideal long term.
    I do not think once and awhile a bit higher isn't that harmful, depends on where the carbs come from.
    1992 days ago
    Very interesting take. I havent read Rosdale yet but I would agree that if you have an underlying health issue like pre-diabetes/diabetes, there's no such thing as safe starch.

    However for those that are otherwise healthy and fat adapted, a starch like a potato is hard to beat. It's pretty paleo/primal if a person is into that.

    If you are interested in reading about some experimenting around with it, nothing scientific though, there is a monster thread at MDA called Eat MOAR Taters, and another one just starting up that will probably become monster haha

    Anyways, the first one is about a 90 page thread where we shared our experiences and there are pros and cons discussed. Sometimes civil, sometimes not so much but for the most part :) Again, it was not intended for those with health issues. Plain and simple, it is just a fat hack. A fat hack used by otherwise healthy individuals who experienced success with fat loss and satiety. :)
    1992 days ago
    Thanks for posting Birgit - always interested in more good info
    1992 days ago
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