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8M Birthday Run & WK1 Checkup

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Yes Sparkfriends today I am officially 25 YEARS OLD!!! WoooooooHOOOOOO!

Alright, slight fib...minor oversight. I am in fact 33 Years Old (YOUNG) today! HOO-rah!

To make this birthday more special I decided to actually use my vacation time that I have accrued and took today and tomorrow off. There is no way you can be depressed about aging when you are NOT working right?

Anyhow, even though I did not have work today, I did make goals. I absolutely HATE taking days off during the week when I don't have a plan because then I am remind that Hello...everyone I know is at WORK. So, must keep distracted. First on the agenda was an 8 mile run, since it is November 8th. I thought to do a goal like a lot of Sparkers do which is to run their age on their birthday, except ONE big problem...uh, there is NO WAY that I could actually run 33 MILES. So I settled for 8.

Well, things were going well except this pesky Nor'ester has graced its appearance in RI AFTER having Hurricane Sandy last week. Not good! When I left work yesterday and all last evening, all I saw was snow, and gusting winds up to 40mph. However, I could not get deterred from my plan. When I woke up this morning, it was more like freezing rain. What I thought was not, oh no, this is not possible, instead I thought...I have run in snow and rain before, no problem, "ain't nobody gonna break my stride, ain't nobody goin' hold me down..." you get the picture. Well as soon as I got up at 6:30AM I put on every winter running gear that I could find, even making sure to cover my neck, ears and wear gloves. Well, DH seemed concerned. He advised that the winds were bad and the road were slippery and why oh why could I not just settle for a nice humdrum run on the gym treadmill. I listened to his speech for the two minutes that he went on and on advising me about potentially breaking bones, falling, etc. etc...NONSENSE! I was going!

So, I went to a track that I never go to the Providence Boulevard. Beautiful track with many other runners. When I rolled up to the track I noticed that it was now sleeting and chilly. Hmmmm, not many runners on the track which was covered with snow, I wonder why? Just when I started to let disappointment set in...I saw a RUNNER run right by my car. He was running in the road, not IN the road but on the bike lane which followed the run track. AHA! So I got my butt in gear, tried to ignore the frigid temp and started following that runner in the bike lane. It was cold I will tell ya but for the first 1.5 miles I felt alright. Except on the turnout at which point the wind was coming at me and seriously beating the crap out of me! Not only that, uh, sleet on the face, does NOT feel good. I pressed on though and fought the hill in the same direction as the wind. Miles 4.5 through 6 felt terrible but I felt accomplished knowing that I was getting it done. Well, I did it, 8 BIRTHDAY miles in snow, sleet, rain and gusting winds...1hr 11 minutes, take that NOR'easter!

I felt good about getting it done and sticking with my plan! Here's to another year filled with accomplishments and fun! I cannot wait to see what is yet to come!

Onto the November goal progress, week1

#1. Complete 2 races of any distances this month - 1st race scheduled for Saturday, already paid and everything!!

#2. Go to a museum on my birthday - YUP, done! RISD museum, awesome museum I may add.

#3. Dictate what I want to do on my birthday so I will not be disappointed with DH's hair brained schemes - YUP, did the museum, went to eat Thai and I am going to see ELF at PPAC

#4. Thanksgiving craft - not yet

#5. Start Christmas shopping THIS month - not yet

#6. Write weekly blogs about goal progress - this is the one

#7. Find at least two new running routes - Boulevard track running

#8. Go see some type of show, comedy, play etc - yup, tonight!

#9. Get mileage back up to at least 10M by month end - IP

#10. Track fitness on Spark for the month - doing it!

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