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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Hello Sparkles!

I had a GREAT dream last night! It was brief, as I recall and there wasn't much to it. I was out somewhere, maybe in a park or somewhere in public or just walking down a street where there were people around. Maybe I was there to meet a friend. In my dream I was thinner, maybe at about the weight I'd like to be. (I know I'm writing a lot of "maybe"s here, but things were a little fuzzy. --You know how dreams are.) Anyway, I was talking with someone I'd never met before, maybe just seeing them in passing. (I don't think this was the person I was there to meet.) At some point I saw myself, too. (Maybe a reflection in a shop window.) It was a nice day and I was feeling calm & generally good and I was having a nice time being out with people. So, in the conversation with the person I may have seen in passing, somehow the topic came up that I had recently lost weight. I think the comment from the other person (or maybe just my thoughts as we were talking) was that "you'd never know" that I had been heavier. : )

I think this dream signifies my newly developing good habits & my more positive self image. In short, confidence in myself and success on this journey. It's getting down deep, becoming a part of me. And that feels REALLY good. That I was out in public meeting a friend and enjoying being around people is right in line with my opening on my SparkPage & my name here; it's all about NOT hiding. My weight has kept me isolated because I just haven't liked the way I look at heavier weights. So, that's my yellow brick road.

I'm wishing you all the same good feelings and faith in your abilities on your individual roads to success.
: )
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